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    UXL Rich Text Editor

    A customizable rich text editor for Polymer 3

    <uxl-rich-text-editor options="...">


    Run the following command in your project console

    $ npm i @uxland-admin/uxl-rich-text-editor


    <uxl-rich-text-editor> is a component that provides a material design based rich text editor for your project


    The component provides a default toolbar but it can be customizable through the option variable:

    <uxl-rich-text-editor options="bold,italic, ..."><

    Available <uxl-rich-text-editor> options:

    bold: Adds the bold button

    italic: Adds the italic button

    underline: Adds the underline button

    strike: Adds the strike button

    blockquote: Adds the block quote button

    code-block: Adds the code block button

    image: Adds upload image button

    video: Adds upload video button

    link: Adds upload link button

    color: Adds a dropdown list with available font colors

    background: Adds a dropdown list with available background colors

    ol: Adds the ordened list button

    ul: Adds the unordened list button

    subindex: Adds the subindex button

    superindex: Adds the superindex button

    outdent: Adds the outdent button

    indent: Adds the indent button

    size: Adds a dropdown list with the available font sizes

    header: Adds a dropdown list with the header sizes

    font: Adds a dropdown list with the available fonts

    align: Adds the align button


    npm i @uxland/uxl-rich-text-editor

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