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    A progress indicator component

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    <uxl-progress-indicator> is a component that provides two types of material design based progress indicators with optional message:

    • Circular spinner:
    • Bouncing balls:


    If you want to personalize, you can use options. These options are typed as UxlProgressIndicatorOptions

    1. type: String Specifies the spinner type

      Possible values: "spinner", "bouncing"

      Default value: "spinner"

    2. text: String Specifies the message of spinner

      Default value: undefined

    3. position: String Specifies the position between the spinner and the message

      Possible values: "vertical", "horizontal", "vertical-reverse", "horizontal-reverse"

      Default value: "vertical"

    4. fit: Boolean Specifies whether the spiner's position is centered fixed in the screen or not

      Possible values: "true" or "false"

      Default value: "false"

    ###Custom CSS properties

    <uxl-progress-indicator> provides the following custom properties for styling:

    Custom property Description Default
    --uxl-progress-indicator-spinner-width: spinner width 30px
    --uxl-progress-indicator-spinner-height: spinner height 30px
    --uxl-progress-indicator-spinner-stroke spinner stroke 3px
    --uxl-progress-indicator-color Color of the spinner #009688
    --uxl-progress-indicator-background-color background color transparent
    --uxl-progress-indicator-bouncing-ball-width bouncing balls width 10px
    --uxl-progress-indicator-bouncing-ball-height bouncing balls width 10px
    --uxl-progress-indicator-title-color font color for message rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.87)
    --uxl-progress-indicator-title-size font size for message 1rem
    --uxl-progress-indicator-title-weight font weight for message light


    You can see the demos:

    url: localhost/components/uxl-progress-indicator/demo/index.html


    npm i @uxland/uxl-progress-indicator

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