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CKEditor 5 Nettskjema build

A CKEditor 5 build with all the plugins needed for Nettskjema

Why do we need this?

We need additional plugins for the editor, and when importing these in a next-project there are problems loading global css. Therefore we have to bundle everything ourselves and consume it. See this issue for details.


npm i @wapp-usit/ckeditor

Local development

If you only want to do changes on the editor itself in isolation

npm run dev and open sample/index.html in your browser. On macOS, you can e.g. run:
open -a Google\ Chrome sample/index.html

For local development within the Nettskjema React app:

  • npm run dev
  • npm link in this folder
  • Go to your nettskjema-next folder
  • npm link @wapp-usit/ckeditor

Once you are done:

  • npm unlink --no-save @wapp-usit/ckeditor ; npm i

This will install the package from NPM again and unlink the local one

Note: You might have to restart the next server and delte the .next folder in root after (un)linking. Also, you might have to rm -rf node_modules ; npm i if the link somehow has been messed up.

Publishing the package

Currently the package is hosted on USITs NPM org.
Set up 2FA on auth + push on your NPM-account and request access to the org. Up the version number and run npm publish

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npm i @usit-wapp/ckeditor

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