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Get started building a simple application for Landscape on your Urbit ship with a few commands.

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Getting Started

Simply run npx @urbit/create-landscape-app and follow the prompts, this will create a new folder with your application.

If you'd like to build your application in TypeScript, run npx @urbit/create-landscape-app --typescript.

Once it's done open the README.md in that directory to get started.


How can I ensure my app fits Landscape design?

We're currently working on Indigo v2 and hope to release it soon as an NPM package that you can use in your app.

Nothing shows up when I go to https://localhost:3000/apps/{my-app}.

You may need to navigate to directly to https://localhost:3000 first to login.

How do I develop on a different ship?

Edit the ui/.env.local file replacing {URL} with the URL to your new ship:


Do I need Hoon to build apps for Landscape?

Not necessarily! This template provides examples of using the packages @urbit/api and @urbit/http-api to use existing functionality on your Urbit through JavaScript without any additional lines of Hoon.

How do I learn to communicate with my ship or write back-end code?

In order to do anything substantial with Gall, see this guide for pointers.

But if this is intimidating, don't panic: create-landscape-app is a fantastic way to start learning by leveraging your strengths. This repository is intended to be a boilerplate for rapid front-end development; it's also a gradual, incremental introduction to Hoon for web developers by allowing for rapid prototyping and experimentation with the Landscape interface.

Further Information

You can always get general programming help for Urbit from the Urbit Community (~bitbet-bolbel/urbit-community), the Forge (~middev/the-forge) or the urbit-dev mailing list.

Happy hacking!




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