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A wrapper for the request module that logs all request events.


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Install the package via yarn:

❯ yarn add '@uphold/request-logger'

Or via npm:

❯ npm install '@uphold/request-logger' --save


Wrap the request module using @uphold/request-logger. By default, all events will be logged to stdout.

const logger = require('@uphold/request-logger');
const request = logger(require('@cypress/request'));


// { headers: …,
//   id: '6bfc21a0-0dad-48b2-8378-762e5f85f014',
//   method: 'GET',
//   type: 'request',
//   uri: 'https://www.github.com/' }
// { headers: …,
//   id: '6bfc21a0-0dad-48b2-8378-762e5f85f014',
//   statusCode: 301,
//   type: 'redirect',
//   uri: 'https://github.com/' }
// { headers: …,
//   id: '6bfc21a0-0dad-48b2-8378-762e5f85f014',
//   method: 'GET',
//   type: 'request',
//   uri: 'https://github.com/' }
// { headers: …,
//   id: '6bfc21a0-0dad-48b2-8378-762e5f85f014',
//   statusCode: 200,
//   type: 'response',
//   uri: 'https://github.com/' }

You can optionally define a custom logging function which receives the request object (data) and the request instance:

const logger = require('@uphold/request-logger');
const request = logger(require('@cypress/request'), data => console.log(`${data.id} ${data.type}: ${data.uri}${data.statusCode ? ` (${data.statusCode})` : ''} ${(data.body ? `${data.body}` : '').length} bytes`));

request.get('https://www.github.com', () => {});

// 8a3600f9-0995-4a89-951f-caf7c0a79a69 request: https://www.github.com/ 0 bytes
// 8a3600f9-0995-4a89-951f-caf7c0a79a69 redirect: https://github.com/ (301) 0 bytes
// 8a3600f9-0995-4a89-951f-caf7c0a79a69 request: https://github.com/ 0 bytes
// 8a3600f9-0995-4a89-951f-caf7c0a79a69 response: https://github.com/ (200) 25562 bytes

Each data object contains a type property indicating the type of event:

  • error - the request has failed due to an error (e.g. a timeout). data.error is defined.

  • request - the request succeeded. data.body may be defined for POST requests.

  • response - the request returned a response. Note that request only buffers the response body if a callback was given, so only in that case will data.body be defined.

  • redirect - the request received a redirect status code (HTTP 3xx). data.uri will point to the URI of the next request.

  • complete - the request has been completed. This event is only dispatched on POST requests.

In every event, a data.id parameter is defined to allow matching it to the request it originated from.


The recommended node.js version is >= 6 as it ships with native ES2015 Proxy support. This module supports node.js 4 by means of a polyfill that is loaded under the hood. As usual, keep in mind that polyfills are not as performant as their native counterpart.

The minimum required request version is 2.27.0, although 2.54.0 is a particularly troubled version which is best avoided.

Release process

The release of a version is automated via the release GitHub workflow. Run it by clicking the "Run workflow" button.



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