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Insbired by John Weisz TypedJSON project.


Strong-typed JSON parsing and serializing for TypeScript with decorators. Parse JSON into actual class instances. Recommended (but not required) to be used with ReflectDecorators, a prototype for an ES7 Reflection API for Decorator Metadata.

  • Parse regular JSON to typed class instances, safely
  • Seamlessly integrate into existing code with decorators, ultra-lightweight syntax


yarn add @upe/typedjson
npm install --save @upe/typedjson


  1. Add the @JsonObject decorator on a class
  2. Add the @JsonMember decorator on properties which should be serialized and deserialized
  3. Parse and stringify with the TypedJSON class
class Person {
    @JsonMember({type: String})
    firstName: string;

        type: String,
        isRequired: true,
    lastName: string;

    @JsonMember({elements: String})
    emails: string[];

    @JsonMember({type: Car})
    car: Car;

class Car {
    @JsonMember({type: String})
    modelName: string;

var json = {
                     firstName: "John",
                     lastName: "Doe",
                     emails: [],
                     car: { modelName: "i10" }

var person0 = TypedJSON.parse(JSON.stringify(json), Person);
var person1 = TypedJSON.deserialize(json, Person);

var personStr = TypedJSON.stringify(person0);
var personJSON = TypedJSON.serialize(person1)

person0 instanceof Person; // true
person1 instanceof Person; // true
person0.car instanceof Car; // true
personStr === JSON.stringify(json); // true

JsonObject Options

All JsonObject Options are now deprecated

JsonMember Options

interface IJsonMemberOptions<T> {
   * Sets the member name as it appears in the serialized JSON. Default value is determined from property key.
  name?: string;

   * Sets the json member type. Optional if reflect metadata is available.
  type?: ElementType<T>;

   * When the json member is an array, sets the type of array elements. Required for arrays.
  elements?: IJsonMemberOptions<any> | ElementType<T>;

   * When set, indicates that the member must be present when deserializing a JSON string.
  isRequired?: boolean;

Learn more about decorators in TypeScript


TypedJSON is licensed under the MIT License.


npm i @upe/typedjson

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