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    Mock Data

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    Wrapper for mocker-data-generator providing a set of templates with arguments. Can also optionally write to a file. This is mainly meant for the server, but if you have a good enough reason (please take note of the package size), everything works on the client except file writing.

    So far the templates currently available are user, article, order and product. More will be added over time.


    npm install @unleashit/mock-data

    Single schema

    For a single schema, call the library with a config object. Possible properties are template, templates, total, args, name, hiddenFields and path.

    If path is provided and the envirnment is Node, a JSON file will be written.

    import mockData from "@unleashit/mock-data";
    async function generateMockData() {
      // returns a promise
      return await mockData({
        template: "product",
        total: 20,
        args: {
          minPrice: 500,
          maxPrice: 10000,
          maxDescription: 10
        hiddenFields: ["createdAt"]
    // { product: [ ... ] }

    With multiple schemas

    For multiple schemas, add as an array on the templates property. Each template can have any of the same fields (except path and templates) as a single template.

    const data = await mockData({
      templates: [
          template: "user",
          total: 10,
          name: "authors"
          template: "article",
          total: 20,
          name: "blogs"
      name: "mockData",
      path: "/home/myUser"
    // data is returned and saved as /home/myUser/mockData.json
    // {
    //   authors: [...]
    //   blogs: [...]
    // }

    Custom template(s)

    Templates are in the same format as mocker-data-generator except must be supplied as a function. Supply any arguments to the args property as an object.

    const args = {
      min: 18,
      max: 110,
      setProperty: "anything"
    const template = () => ({
      id: {
        chance: "guid"
      age: {
        faker: `random.number({"min": ${args.min}, "max": ${args.max}})`
      setProperty: {
        static: `${args.setProperty}`
    const data = await mockData({
      template: template,
      total: 20,
      name: "myData"
    // { myData: [...] }


    npm i @unleashit/mock-data

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