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    Uniswap Labs Widgets

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    The @uniswap/widgets package is an npm package of React components used to provide subsets of the Uniswap Protocol functionality in a small and configurable user interface element.

    Uniswap Labs Swap Widget

    The Swap Widget bundles the whole swapping experience into a single React component that developers can easily embed in their app with one line of code.

    swap widget screenshot

    You can customize the theme (colors, fonts, border radius, and more) to match the style of your application. You can also configure your own default token list and optionally set a convenience fee on swaps executed through the widget on your site.


    Install the widgets library via npm or yarn. If you do not already use the widget's peerDependencies redux and react-redux, then you'll need to add them as well.

    yarn add @uniswap/widgets redux react-redux
    npm i --save @uniswap/widgets redux react-redux


    Example Apps

    Uniswap Labs maintains two demo apps in branches of the widgets-demo repo:

    Others have also also released the widget in production to their userbase:

    Legal notice

    Uniswap Labs encourages integrators to evaluate their own regulatory obligations when integrating this widget into their products, including, but not limited to, those related to economic or trade sanctions compliance.




    npm i @uniswap/widgets

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