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Unmask.js 🎭

A scroll-to-reveal JavaScript library that unmasks your elements using the clip-path CSS property.


npm i @union/unmask

How To Use

Add the data-unmask attribute to any DOM elements you want to add this transition to. In JS, you may run Unmask() without any options, or you can add an options object as a parameter to Unmask(). This will apply global options to all elements with the data-unmask attribute.

Usage and Options


import Unmask from 'unmask';
  // All options using defaults, with other options listed
  area: 'edge',
  // edge, center
  // What area of the element the transition starts from
  size: 'full',
  // full, half
  // Do the entire unmask transition, or start halfway
  origin: 'left'
  // left, right, top, bottom, horizontal, vertical, center
  // Where the animation begins on the element
  // The 'edge' type uses left, right, top, and bottom origins
  // The 'center' type uses horizontal, vertical, and center origins
  fade: true,
  // true, false
  // Fade in when revealed
  speed: 1000,
  // Affects the transition-duration when unmasking
  delay: 0
  // Affects transition-delay once element is within the viewport


<img src="https://www.example.com/image.jpg" data-unmask />


This library uses JavaScript to apply styles so that no CSS file is needed for this library to work, but any elements that will be transitioned that are immediately visible when the page loads will not fade in properly. To fix this, simply add

[data-unmask] {
  opacity: 0;

Element-specific options

You may also pass options to the data-unmask attribute as a JSON object to cause Unmask to affect individual elements differently. Any options passed in the data-unmask attribute will override the global options on this element, and any options not specified will fallback to the global options and then the defaults.

<img src="https://www.example.com/image.jpg" data-unmask='{"speed": 500, "delay": 200, "size": "half"}' />

How It Works

This library utilizes the clip-path and -webkit-clip-path CSS attribute in combination with the Intersection Observer API to detect when elements are within the viewport and then reveal them.

Docs for clip-path

Docs for Intersection Observer API

Browser Support

This library supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge (Chromium). IE11 and Edge are not supported.

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npm i @union/unmask

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