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Drupal Bootstrap Styles

Styles used to bridge the gap between Drupal and Bootstrap.

The primary purpose of this project is to provide additional default styling for Drupal Bootstrap based sub-themes.

Source Files

8.x-3.x (documentation)

7.x-3.x (documentation)

CDN (Distributed)

For CDN based sub-themes, this project compiles the above source files for all branches, versions and themes and publishes them as a package available on NPM. This is primarily due to the shear number of permutations created by these variables; which number in the hundreds, of which the majority of them are simply duplicates of previously compiled output.


When developing locally, you must first install Node.js and Yarn. Once installed, you may run the following commands from the root directory of this project.

Project Installation

yarn install


yarn build


After the project has been compiled, there is a ./dist/api.json file that is generated alongside the compiled source files. This file contains a record of all files generated. If a file has a symlink entry, it means the file is a duplicate of a previously generated file and you should use it instead. This file is necessary since NPM does not actually publish symlinks.


This project was created in an effort to consolidate and simplify the tedious task of compiling multiple permutations of the generated styles within the project. It was also done in an effort to reduce the overall packaged size of the base theme as not everyone will need these styles and, if so, would only need a single compiled versions based on the version and theme chosen. For more information, see the following original Drupal.org issue:

Move "overrides" source files and generated CSS to separate project




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