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    A precompiled version of the Undercut packages for web browsers not older than 2019-01-01. Contains pull, push, and utils entries. An easy way to try Undercut when your project has no build step or you're doing a quick experiment.

    Lazy data processing, pipelines, and language utilities built around native JS features and protocols.

    • Based on existing JS protocols and language features
    • Balanced API: not too imperative, not too functional
    • Various language utilities to use as a Standard Library
    • Composability and extensibility by design
    • Custom operations in a couple of lines
    • Lazy evaluation when possible
    • No external dependencies
    • TypeScript in JSDoc

    Please visit for broader overview and documentation.


    Usage is similar to the original ESM packages.

    Import desired entry first:

    // When using as a script tag and its global variable:
    const { pullArray, filter, map, skip } = undercut.pull;
    // When using as a CommonJS module:
    const { pullArray, filter, map, skip } = require("@undercut/web-2019/pull");
    // When using as an AMD module:
    require(["scripts/undercut/pull.js"], function ({ pullArray, filter, map, skip }) {
        /* Your code */

    And then use it in your code:

    const source = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7];
    const result = pullArray([
        filter(x => x % 3),
        map(x => x * 2) // Will be executed only 3 times.
    ], source);
    console.log(result); // [8, 10, 14]
    console.log(isNumberValue(123)); // true
    console.log(isNumberValue("hello")); // false
    console.log(isNumberValue(NaN)); // false


    You need to import core-js@3 (or another similar polyfill) before you import Undercut:

    <!-- index.html -->
    <script src="^3/minified.js"></script>


    Install the npm package if you're using some kind of a bundler:

    npm install @undercut/web-2019
    # or
    yarn add @undercut/web-2019

    Or use the unpkg CDN to import scripts by their URLs:

    <script src=""></script>
    <script src=""></script>
    <script src=""></script>

    You may also try Yarn aliases for convenience:

    yarn add undercut@npm:@undercut/web-2019


    If you're upgrading @undercut/web-2019 to a newer version, please upgrade core-js to the latest version too.


    Licensed under the MIT License, see LICENSE for more information.


    npm i @undercut/web-2019

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