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Warning: this project is in development now, and some things may not work be documented, tested or working properly.

About UMP

UMP means Unified Modules Package. It's purpose is to provide collection of battle-tested, reliable and convenient npm modules collection for different purposes, such as koa middlewares, network utils, etc.

Some functionality provided by already existing modules, but some can be created in UMP library completely if necessary, to maintain usability and consistency.

This collection supposed to help developers to find reliable solutions, because maintainers of UMP will take care about packages security, typings, documentation, and other aspects.

  • Problem: you need a module that finds free port in range between 10000 and 20000
  • Typical solution: find through many modules, most of them are deprecated and can ony return free port above 10000, but doesn't support upper bounds, and often doesn't have typescript definitions. This takes a lot of time and focus of from developers, instead of focusing on important things.
  • UMP solution: install UMP libraries collection by topic, and just use it, with consistent documentation, type definitions (in case if you use Typescript), and just use it

Code for example with port finder function:

import { UmpNetwork } from '@ump/network'


const [freePort] = await UmpNetwork.findFreePort({ from: 10000, to: 20000 })

 * freePort contains value between 10000 and 20000, or findFreePort method
 * throw an exception

@ump/network are first library, more will be created in case of project success.

To be updated. More details in proposal document.


Miscelaneous networking utility methods, collected from different. npm modules


npm i -S @ump/network

API reference

🚧 Coming soon 🚧

Current dependecy libraries used to provide API

🚧 Coming soon 🚧


npm i @ump/network

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