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This package contains Across bridge pool monitor bot checking for key events.

Environment variables

The Across bridge pool monitor uses following environment variables:

  • BRIDGE_ADMIN_CHAIN_ID is chain id for L1 network where Across bridge pools should be monitored, defaults to Ethereum mainnet (1).
  • UTILIZATION_ENABLED is boolean enabling/disabling monitoring Across bridge pool utilization.
  • UTILIZATION_THRESHOLD is number in percent threshold on the minimum pool utilization when to fire notifications.
  • UNKNOWN_RELAYERS_ENABLED is boolean enabling/disabling monitoring non-whitelisted address calls on any relay related method.
  • WHITELISTED_ADDRESSES is an array of known relayer addresses that should not be monitored for relay events.
  • CUSTOM_NODE_URL is L1 network node endpoint.
  • POLLING_DELAY is value in seconds for delay between consecutive runs, defaults to 1 minute. If set to 0 then running in serverless mode will exit after the loop.
  • STARTING_BLOCK_NUMBER and ENDING_BLOCK_NUMBER defines block range to look for events on L1 network.
  • BOT_IDENTIFIER identifies the application name in the logs.
  • ERROR_RETRIES is number of times to retry failed operation (e.g. due to API not responding). It defaults to 3 re-tries on error within the execution loop.
  • ERROR_RETRIES_TIMEOUT is time in seconds between re-tries, defaulting to 1 second.
  • SLACK_CONFIG is a JSON object containing defaultWebHookUrl for the default Slack webhook URL.

Running Across bridge pool monitor

From UMA protocol repository install dependancies and build:

yarn qbuild

Then run the Across monitor bot (with environment variables set in .env file):

node ./packages/across-monitor/dist/src/index.js --network mainnet_mnemonic




npm i @uma/across-monitor

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