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    Client matrix

    The intentation of this package is to provide client capabilities when running UI tests against third party providers like browserstack and saucelabs. This package provides capabilities in the format for both WebdriverIO and NightwatchJS.

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    Build and test package

    Install dependencies:

    $ npm install

    Build locally:

    $ npm run build

    Run the tests:

    $ npm run test

    WebdriverIO config setup

    In your wdio.conf.js file, after you have the list of browsers you would like to run your tests against, provide it in the capabilities key in the conf file:

    // wdio.conf.js
    const clientMatrix = require('@uktrade/client-matrix-js')
    const clientMatrixList = clientMatrix.requestedClients(['chrome_latest', 'firefox_latest'])
    export.config = {
    // ...
      capabilities: [...clientMatrixList],
    // ...


    Add the package to your test suite using the following command:

    npm install --save-dev @uktrade/client-matrix-js

    Then import the function from the exposed module to have the ability to get a list of capabilities:

    const clientMatrix = require('@uktrade/client-matrix-js')

    To fetch capabilities for a given device or browser for your wdio test suite, simply provide the clients in a list, notice that the strings need to match the maintained client matrix:

    clientMatrix.requestedClients(['chrome_latest', 'firefox_latest'])

    To fetch capabilities for nightwatch, ensure the flag is set to true:

    clientMatrix.requestedClients(['chrome_latest', 'firefox_latest'], true)

    The package currently has its own browserstack maintaned client matrix, although you can maintain your own matrix (either browserstack, saucelabs or any other provider) and inject it to the function:

    const sauceLabsMatrix = {
      FIREFOX: {
        BROWSER_NAME: 'firefox',
      CHROME: {
        BROWSER_NAME: 'chrome',
        BROWSER_NAME: 'edge',
    // If you'd like nightwatch capabilities output
    // ensure the flag is set to true
    clientMatrix.requestedClients(['chrome', 'edge'], false, sauceLabsMatrix)


    npm i @uktrade/client-matrix-js

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