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@uinosoft/thing-cli is used to create thing.js project and resource templates quickly.

The CLI(@uinosoft/thing-cli) is a globlly installed npm package and provides the thing command in your terminal. It provides the ability to scaffold a new project via thing create.


Thing CLI provides these three kinds of templates to create a new project:

  • Simple (html template)
  • Plugin (plugin)
  • Prefab (prefab)
  • Dev Base

📦 Install

  1. Global installation of @uinosoft/thing-cli
npm install @uinosoft/thing-cli -g
  1. You can verify that it is properly installed by running this command:
thing -h

And it will show a number of options which means the installation is successful.

📔 Getting Started

To create a new project based on thing.js, run thing create in a terminal and you will be prompted to name the project. Then You can choose different type of templates to create correspond thing.js project.

$ thing create
? Please enter a project name: test-plugin
? Please pick a preset: Plugin
✔ Download Successful!

Get started with the following commands:

cd test-plugin
npm i, pnpm i or yarn
npm run serve

You can list the thing.js versions by:

thing list

Also pick the thing.js version by:

thing install

You can also choose a version you know, such as v2.0.0

thing install 2.0.0

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