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    The Onbrand Utility Function Library for Themes V2

    1. What is this, and what is it for?

    This package is a collection of useful reusable functions for building Uberflip hubs. It allows for quick, stable, bug free implementation of various features, and works in combination with the onBrand framework to provide high-quality custom builds for clients.

    The TV1 utility functions can be found here. They have been translated to work with Themes V2 and into vanilla JS.

    The supporting documentation for the functions contained in this library can be found here: https://obdocs.herokuapp.com/ob/tools/utility-functions-tv2.html

    2. How do I use it?

    The utility functions for TV2 no longer rely on jQuery. They are all written in vanilla Javscript and come packaged with a babel-polyfill bundle for maximum browser compatability.

    Typically, this library would be automatically included when generating a new onbrand project. In any existing TV2 project ensure that "@uf-onbrand/onbrand-utility-functions-tv2": exists within the dependencies object in the project's package.json file. Ensure it is the most up-to-date version as well.

    Once dependencies are made for the project, referenced the functions in your scripts via import. Here is a simple example:

        const onbrandUtilityFunctions = require('./node_modules/@uf-onbrand/onbrand-utility-functions-tv2/build/onbrandUtilityFunctions.bundle');


    npm i @uf-onbrand/onbrand-utility-functions-tv2

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