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    Ueqt's angular material components.

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    All the components are created using just Angular, Material 2 and CDK.

    Check out our documentation & live demo

    Components Status

    All the components have the prefix uma followed by the package name.

    Component Status package
    Html Tooltip Available uma-tooltip
    Color Picker Available uma-color-picker
    Scrollspy Available uma-scrollspy
    Speed Dial Available uma-speed-dial
    Timer Picker Available uma-timer-picker

    If you miss any component, please follow the CONTRIBUTION GUIDELINE to open an issue.


    step: 1

    We use some components from the Angular Material. To be able to use this component, you have to install the @angular/animations. If you follow all the steps in Material Guide, you already have this step done.

        npm install --save @angular/animations

    Note: @angular/animations uses the WebAnimation API that isn't supported by all browsers yet. If you want to support Material component animations in these browsers, you'll have to include a polyfill.

    import {BrowserAnimationsModule} from '@angular/platform-browser/animations';
      imports: [BrowserAnimationsModule],
    export class PizzaPartyAppModule { }

    If you don't want to add another dependency to your project, you can use the NoopAnimationsModule.

    import {NoopAnimationsModule} from '@angular/platform-browser/animations';
      imports: [NoopAnimationsModule],
    export class PizzaPartyAppModule { }

    step: 2

    Install uma package:

        npm install @ueqt/uma


    To use the same theme of Angular Material add the following code to your style.scss.

    @import '~@angular/material/theming';
    @import '~uma/theming';
    @include mat-core();
    // Define the palettes for your theme using the Material Design palettes available in palette.scss
    // (imported above). For each palette, you can optionally specify a default, lighter, and darker
    // hue. Available color palettes:
    $demo-primary: mat-palette($mat-green);
    $demo-accent: mat-palette($mat-pink, A200, A100, A400);
    // The warn palette is optional (defaults to red).
    $demo-warn: mat-palette($mat-red);
    // Create the theme object (a Sass map containing all of the palettes).
    $demo-theme: mat-light-theme($demo-primary, $demo-accent, $demo-warn);
    // build angular material theme
    @include angular-material-theme($demo-theme);
    // pass angular material theme to ueqt's material components
    @include uma-theme($demo-theme);

    this is only available for the timer-picker component

    How to use

    For more examples, you can see our app-demo folder or read the full documentation


    version need change src/lib/package.json


    The MIT License (MIT) Copyright (c) 2020


    npm i @ueqt/uma

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