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uCOMmandIt mux - An I2C TCA Multiplexer Class Extending the Bus Class

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What is it

This module contains Javascript ES6 Class for the TCA Multiplexer chip.

What's it good for

Together with the UCI Bus class and UCI device class this module will allow you to connect a TCA9546A Chip/Board to you I2C bus to enable up to 4 swtichabled channels. This would in effect quadruple the number of I2C addresses There are several manufactureres who have made a simple mux board from this chip including Control Everything


You'll need an I2C bus setup as described here

Getting Started

  1. Prepare an SBC (e.g. Raspberry Pi) with an appropriate OS (e.g. Raspbian).

  2. Connect your mux based I2C device and check that the SBC can talk to it usingi2cdetect which is part of the i2ctools linux package. Assuming your I2c linux device is number 1 that would be

    sudo i2cdetect -y 1


npm i @uci/mux

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