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    Note: This project is a prototype in heavy development and not ready for production.

    Typetron is a modern web framework built for Node.js, written in Typescript, that allows you to build fully featured web applications. Typetron is best suited for small sized to enterprise level apps. Most of the core packages it uses were built from scratch in order to preserve the performance of the framework.

    (check this tutorial on how to get started with Typetron)



    Typetron aims to have all the features necessary for building any web app without the need for you to search the internet for a package to use. Almost all the packages it has were built from scratch and are available in the framework. This was done to ensure that all the features you are using benefit from the latest language features. Also, every package can be tuned for performance or updated in no time if needed.

    Features List


    Being built with packages created from scratch using the latest features of the language, Typetron comes with excellent performance out of the box compared to other available frameworks.

    Developer experience

    Typetron's source code is built around developer's expectations: it is modern, clean and beautiful. Also, the tools Typetron is providing are everything a developer needs to build his next awesome project.

    Code sharing

    A few years ago we wrote websites. Nowadays we write web applications. The web evolved alongside the tools we are using. A typical web application is composed of at least two parts: a backend app and a frontend app. This separation led to two different camps that have a very distinct line between them. Typetron provides tools to make these two camps work together.

    Source code examples

    export class User extends Entity {
        id: number;
        email: string;
        name: string;
        @Relation(() => Post, 'author')
        posts: HasMany<Post> = [];
        @Relation(() => Group, 'users')
        group: BelongsTo<Group>;
    export class UserForm extends Form {
        email: string;
        name: string;
        dateOfBirth: Date;
    export class UserController {
        storage: Storage;
        user: User;
        async me() {
            return this.auth.user;
        async browse() {
            return UserModel.from(User.get());
        read(user: User) {
            return user;
        update(user: User, userForm: UserForm) {
            return user.fill(userForm).save();
        create(userForm: UserForm) {
            return User.create(userForm);


    This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details.


    npm i @typetron/framework

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