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Tool for replaying TypeScript server requests from a file in order to reproduce bugs. A convenient wrapper around @typescript/server-harness.


⚠️ Subject to change

Newline-delimited JSON with one request per line. After the first line, which provides configuration information, each line describes a request. Each request has be modified in two notable ways for configurability.

  1. All paths have had the root path replaced by a placeholder (value specified when the script is run).
  2. Requests that would contain the contents of an entire file (updateOpen or applyChangedToOpenFiles) omit those contents.


npx tsreplay project_root replay_script server_path

  • project_root is the directory that would be open in the editor if this were a manual scenario
  • replay_script is the path to a newline-delimited JSON file, as described above
  • server_path is the path to a copy of tsserver.js to be tested

To help with debugging, you can pass -l, -t, or -i to enable logging, tracing, or inspecting/debugging, respectively.

Future: a subsequent version is expected to have a switch for automatically reducing the script.


To publish a new version of this package, change the version in package.json and push to main.


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npm i @typescript/server-replay

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