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    npm install --save @types/topo


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    // Type definitions for topo 3.0
    // Project:
    // Definitions by: BendingBender <>
    // Definitions:
    // TypeScript Version: 2.3
    export = Topo;
     * The Topo object is the container for topologically sorting a list of nodes with non-circular interdependencies.
    declare class Topo<TNode = any, TGroup = string> {
         * An array of the topologically sorted nodes. This list is renewed upon each call to `topo.add()`.
        nodes: TNode[];
         * Specifies an additional node or list of nodes to be topologically sorted.
         * @param nodes a mixed value or array of mixed values to be added as nodes to the topologically sorted list.
         * @param options optional sorting information about the `nodes`:
         * - `group` - a string naming the group to which `nodes` should be assigned. The group name `'?'` is reserved.
         * - `before` - a string or array of strings specifying the groups that `nodes` must precede in the topological sort.
         * - `after` - a string or array of strings specifying the groups that `nodes` must succeed in the topological sort.
         * - `sort` - a numerical value used to sort items when performing a `topo.merge()`.
         * @returns an array of the topologically sorted nodes.
            nodes: TNode | TNode[],
            options?: {
                group?: TGroup | undefined;
                before?: TGroup | TGroup[] | undefined;
                after?: TGroup | TGroup[] | undefined;
                sort?: number | undefined;
        ): TNode[];
         * Merges another `Topo` object into the current object.
         * If the order in which items have been added to each list matters, use the `sort` option in `topo.add()`
         * with an incrementing value providing an absolute sort order among all items added to either object.
         * @param others the other object or array of objects to be merged into the current one. `null` values are ignored.
         * @returns an array of the topologically sorted nodes. Will throw if a dependency error is found as a result of the combined items.
        merge(others: Topo<TNode, TGroup> | Array<Topo<TNode, TGroup>>): TNode[];

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