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A Cytoscape.js extension to provide context menu around elements and core instance distributed under The MIT License.

This version has been slightly changed in order to add the position in the emit listner to the list of arguments. This is used to get this position in the callback. It is based on version 3.6.0. Behaviour was changed in version 4 in a manner that it is not useful for Tycho Brahe Platform.

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Please cite the following paper when using this extension:

U. Dogrusoz , A. Karacelik, I. Safarli, H. Balci, L. Dervishi, and M.C. Siper, "Efficient methods and readily customizable libraries for managing complexity of large networks", PLoS ONE, 13(5): e0197238, 2018.


Click here (simple) or here (customized) or here (with different menu items) for demos


  • Cytoscape.js ^2.7.0 || ^3.0.0

Usage instructions

Download the library:

  • via npm: npm install cytoscape-context-menus,
  • via bower: bower install cytoscape-context-menus, or
  • via direct download in the repository (probably from a tag).

Import the library as appropriate for your project:

ES import:

Note: es import doesn't work for plain javascript applications because webpack doesn't support es module output at the moment.

import cytoscape from 'cytoscape';
import contextMenus from 'cytoscape-context-menus';

// register extension

// import CSS as well
import 'cytoscape-context-menus/cytoscape-context-menus.css';


var cytoscape = require('cytoscape');
var contextMenus = require('cytoscape-context-menus');

contextMenus(cytoscape); // register extension


require(['cytoscape', 'cytoscape-context-menus'], function (
) {
  contextMenus(cytoscape); // register extension

Plain HTML/JS has the extension registered for you automatically, because no require() is needed.

Default Options

var options = {
  // Customize event to bring up the context menu
  // Possible options https://js.cytoscape.org/#events/user-input-device-events
  evtType: 'cxttap',
  // List of initial menu items
  // A menu item must have either onClickFunction or submenu or both
  menuItems: [
        id: 'remove', // ID of menu item
        content: 'remove', // Display content of menu item
        tooltipText: 'remove', // Tooltip text for menu item
        image: {src : "remove.svg", width : 12, height : 12, x : 6, y : 4}, // menu icon
        // Filters the elements to have this menu item on cxttap
        // If the selector is not truthy no elements will have this menu item on cxttap
        selector: 'node, edge', 
        onClickFunction: function () { // The function to be executed on click
          console.log('remove element');
        disabled: false, // Whether the item will be created as disabled
        show: false, // Whether the item will be shown or not
        hasTrailingDivider: true, // Whether the item will have a trailing divider
        coreAsWell: false // Whether core instance have this item on cxttap
        submenu: [] // Shows the listed menuItems as a submenu for this item. An item must have either submenu or onClickFunction or both.
        id: 'hide',
        content: 'hide',
        tooltipText: 'hide',
        selector: 'node, edge',
        onClickFunction: function () {
          console.log('hide element');
        disabled: true
        id: 'add-node',
        content: 'add node',
        tooltipText: 'add node',
        image: {src : "add.svg", width : 12, height : 12, x : 6, y : 4},
        selector: 'node',
        coreAsWell: true,
        onClickFunction: function () {
          console.log('add node');
  // css classes that menu items will have
  menuItemClasses: [
    // add class names to this list
  // css classes that context menu will have
  contextMenuClasses: [
    // add class names to this list
  // Indicates that the menu item has a submenu. If not provided default one will be used
  submenuIndicator: {
    src: 'assets/submenu-indicator-default.svg',
    width: 12,
    height: 12,

Note: selector and coreAsWell options are ignored for the items that are inside a submenu. Their visiblity depends on their root parent's visibility.


Instance API

var instance = cy.contextMenus(options);


  • Returns whether the extension is active.

instance.appendMenuItem(item, parentID = undefined)

  • Appends given menu item to the menu items list.
  • If parentID is specified, the item is inserted to the submenu of the item with parentID.
  • If the parent has no submenu then it will automatically be created.
  • If not specified item will be inserted to the root of the contextmenu

instance.appendMenuItems(items, parentID = undefined)

  • Same with above but takes an array of items


  • Removes the menu item with given ID and its submenu along with

instance.setTrailingDivider(itemID, status)

  • Sets whether the menuItem with given ID will have a following divider

instance.insertBeforeMenuItem(item, existingItemID)

  • Inserts given item before the existingitem

instance.moveToSubmenu(itemID, options = null)

  • Moves the item with given ID to the submenu of the parent with the given ID or to root with the specified options
  • If options is a string, then it is the id of the parent
  • If options is a { selector?: string, coreAsWell?: boolean }, then old properties are overwritten by them and the menu item is moved to the root. If it doesn't have either properties item is not moved.
  • If options is null or not provided, then it is just moved to the root

instance.moveBeforeOtherMenuItem(itemID, existingItemID)

  • Inserts the item before the existingItem and moves it to the submenu that contains the existingItem


  • Disables the menu item with given ID.


  • Enables the menu item with given ID.


  • Shows the menu item with given ID.


  • Hides the menu item with given ID.


  • Destroys the extension instance

Other API


  • Returns the existing instance to the extension

Build targets

  • npm run build : Build ./src/** into cytoscape-edge-editing.js in production environment and minimize the file.
  • npm run build:dev : Build ./src/** into cytoscape-edge-editing.js in development environment without minimizing the file.

Publishing instructions

This project is set up to automatically be published to npm and bower. To publish:

  1. Build the extension : npm run build
  2. Commit the build : git commit -am "Build for release"
  3. Bump the version number and tag: npm version major|minor|patch
  4. Push to origin: git push && git push --tags
  5. Publish to npm: npm publish .
  6. If publishing to bower for the first time, you'll need to run bower register cytoscape-context-menus https://github.com/iVis-at-Bilkent/cytoscape.js-context-menus.git




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