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Tuleap Project Sidebar

An independent custom element that can be used to get the same project sidebar than the one used in Tuleap projects.


npm install @tuleap/project-sidebar


In your HTML content, add the element:

<tuleap-project-sidebar config="..."></tuleap-project-sidebar>


The config property is mandatory. It is a JSON encoded string that you can retrieve from the endpoint you use to communicate with Tuleap. For test purposes you can find the description of expected schema in configuration.ts and a complete example in project-sidebar-example-config.ts. For production, the configuration can be retrieved from the REST endpoint GET /api/projects/:id/3rd_party_integration_data. As it is likely to be too costful to retrieve the information each time you display the sidebar we suggest you retrieve it once and then cache it for some time. The cache needs to be done per user and per project.

Collapse of the sidebar

The sidebar also accepts an attribute collapsed to collapse it. You can watch this attribute with a MutationObserver to detect when the sidebar is collapsed or opened.

The collapse behavior can be removed by adding an attribute no-collapse-button to the element, for example:

<tuleap-project-sidebar config="..." no-collapse-button></tuleap-project-sidebar>

Collapse of the sidebar can be disabled via is_collapsible property in config (see above). If this property is provided and is false, then sidebar cannot be collapsed (regardless of the collapsed and no-collapse-button attributes).


The custom element throws a CustomEvent show-project-announcement when the user want to see the project announcement.


You will need to load the code defining the custom element (see below) and to load a stylesheet with the CSS variables used by Tuleap. Access to the appropriate flavor of the stylesheet will be provided through the communication channel you have with Tuleap.

Loading the custom element when using a bundler (Webpack, Rollup, Vite…)

Import the package in one of the script you load

import "@tuleap/project-sidebar";

and import the CSS in one of your stylesheet

import "@tuleap/project-sidebar";

Loading the script without using a bundler

Insert the script dist/project-sidebar.umd.cjs and the stylesheet dist/style.css into the page.



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