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In Chinese traditional culture qian means heaven and kun stands for earth, so qiankun is the universe.

An implementation of Micro Frontends, based on single-spa, but made it production-ready.

🤔 Motivation

As we know what micro-frontends aims for:

Techniques, strategies and recipes for building a modern web app with multiple teams using different JavaScript frameworks. — Micro Frontends

Modularity is very important for large application. By breaking down a large system into individual sub-applications, we can achieve good divide-and-conquer between products and when necessary combination, especially for enterprise applications that usually involve multi-team collaboration. But if you're trying to implement such a micro frontends architecture system by yourself, you're likely to run into some tricky problems:

  • In what form do sub applications publish static resources?
  • How does the main application integrate individual sub-applications?
  • How do you ensure that sub-applications are independent of each other (development independent, deployment independent) and runtime isolated?
  • Performance issues? What about public dependencies?
  • And so on...

After solving these common problems of micro frontends, we extracted the kernel of our solution after a lot of internal online application testing and polishing, and then named it qiankun.

Probably the most complete micro-frontends solution you ever met🧐.

📦 Installation

$ yarn add qiankun  # or npm i qiankun -S

📖 Documentation


💿 Getting started

This repo contains an examples folder with a sample Shell app and multiple mounted Micro FE apps. To run this app, first clone qiankun:

$ git clone https://github.com/umijs/qiankun.git
$ cd qiankun

Now run the yarn scripts to install and run the examples project:

$ yarn install
$ yarn examples:install
$ yarn examples:start

Visit http://localhost:7099.


  • 📦 Based On single-spa
  • 📱 Technology Agnostic
  • 💪 HTML Entry Access Mode
  • 🛡 Style Isolation
  • 🧳 JS Sandbox
  • Prefetch Assets
  • 🔌 Umi Plugin Integration

🎯 Roadmap

  • [x] Parcel apps integration (multiple sub apps displayed at the same time, but only one uses router at most)
  • [x] Communication development kits between master and sub apps
  • [ ] Custom side effects hijacker
  • [ ] Nested Microfrontends



👬 Community


🎁 Acknowledgements


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