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RPC-like client and server helpers for a magical end to end typed experience

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ts-rest offers a simple way to define a contract for your API, which can be both consumed and implemented by your application, giving you end to end type safety without the hassle or code generation.


  • End to end type safety 🛟
  • RPC-like client side interface 📡
  • Tiny bundle size 🌟 (1kb!)
  • Well-tested and production ready
  • No Code Generation 🏃‍♀️
  • Zod support for runtime type checks 👮‍♀️
  • Full optional OpenAPI integration 📝

Super Simple Example

Easily define your API contract somewhere shared

const contract = c.contract({
  getPosts: {
    method: 'GET',
    path: '/posts',
    query: z.object({
      skip: z.number(),
      take: z.number(),
    }), // <-- Zod schema
    responses: {
      200: c.response<Post[]>(), // <-- OR normal TS types

Fulfil the contract on your sever, with a type-safe router:

const router = s.router(contract, {
  getPost: async ({ params: { id } }) => {
    return {
      status: 200,
      body: prisma.post.findUnique({ where: { id } }),

Consume the api on the client with a RPC-like interface:

const result = await client.getPosts({
  query: { skip: 0, take: 10 },
  // ^-- Fully typed!


Install the core package

yarn add @ts-rest/core
# Optional react-query integration
yarn add @ts-rest/react-query
# Pick your backend
yarn add @ts-rest/nest @ts-rest/express
# For automatic server OpenAPI gen
yarn add @ts-rest/open-api

Create a contract, implement it on your server then consume it in your client. Incrementally adopt, trial it with your team, then get shipping faster.

👉 Read more on the official Quickstart Guide👈

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This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!




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