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ForgeScript is a comprehensive package that empowers you to effortlessly interact with Discord's API. It ensures scripting remains easy to learn and consistently effective.


  1. Installation
  2. Making your first bot
    1. Client Initialization
    2. Registering Commands
      1. Basic registering
      2. Registering from a root folder
  3. Extensions
  4. Limitations
  5. Update Frequency
  6. Function Documentation
  7. Library Documentation


Make sure you have node.js installed, and greater than version v16.11.0. Once done, run the next command in a folder (from any IDE or terminal):

npm i https://github.com/tryforge/ForgeScript.git

If installing this repository instead of npm, you must have TypeScript as dependency (npm i typescript --save-dev)

Making your first Bot

This section will guide you through initializing a client and loading commands from a folder, as well as logging your bot into discord.

Client Initialization

We will write the following for a basic bot initialization, in a index.js file:

const { ForgeClient } = require("forgescript")

const client = new ForgeClient({
    intents: [
        "MessageContent" // This intent is privileged, must be whitelisted in dev portal, in your application.
    events: [
    ], // Events our bot will act on
    prefixes: [
    ] // The prefixes to use for our bot!


This will be enough to put our bot on.

Registering commands

Registering commands is the way to go when we want something to happen on certain events.

Basic registering

Let's write this after our client initialization code:

    name: "user", // Not defining this creates a command that will be executed for every event fired of given type
    code: `Your name is $username!`,
    type: "messageCreate" // The event to act on

And this will register a command with name user that will return the name of the user that executed this command.

Registering from a root folder

The previous way to register commands can fill our index file with a lot of junk code, so there's a way to put files with commands in folders and load them from the index file.

  1. Create a folder, with any name, and a file inside it, name it whatever you want (must end with .js) and write the following in it:
    module.exports = {
        name: "user",
        type: "messageCreate",
        code: `Your name is $username!`
    This is essentially the same as the previous command, but will be loaded from a folder!
  2. Now, let's go back to our index file and write the following after client initialization (Make sure you've erased the code to register a command from index file):
    Replace <folder> with the folder name you used, and every file residing in the root folder (the tree doesn't matter as long as the file is in the folder) will be loaded into your bot!


There's currently no known limitation.

image Note this library reads codes from TOP to BOTTOM, and never the opposite.

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