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@trycourier/react-hooks exist as a separate package so that you can build your own interface using our api and state management without having to install all the dependencies that @trycourier/react-inbox or other react-dom based packages include.

This also enables using this package with react-native in a much simpler way.

As of 3.X we have started to use a new API for our inbox messages. The interface is slightly different which means interacting with the useInbox hook will need to be updated to match the new interface.

Message Interface

interface ActionBlock {
  type: "text";
  text: string;
  url: string;

interface OldMessage {
  title: string;
  body: string;
  read?: boolean;
  blocks: Array<TextBlock | ActionBlock>;

interface ActionElement {
  type: "text";
  content: string;
  href: string;

interface NewMessage {
  title: string;
  preview: string;
  read?: string;
  actions: Array<ActionElement>;

This means if you were consuming const { messages } = useInbox that the array of messages will now be different and will need to be updated.


The old versions had events like markRead(messageId, trackingId). The new version no longer requires passing a trackingId to track events.

  • 1.X/2.X Old Interface:
interface IInboxActions {
  markMessageArchived: (
    messageId: string,
    trackingId?: string
  ) => Promise<void>;
  markMessageRead: (messageId: string, trackingId?: string) => Promise<void>;
  markMessageUnread: (messageId: string, trackingId?: string) => Promise<void>;
  markMessageOpened: (messageId: string, trackingId: string) => Promise<void>;
  • 3.X Interface:
interface IInboxActions {
  markMessageArchived: (messageId: string) => Promise<void>;
  markMessageRead: (messageId: string) => Promise<void>;
  markMessageUnread: (messageId: string) => Promise<void>;
  markMessageOpened: (messageId: string) => Promise<void>;

Standard Inbox (useInbox):

const inbox: IInbox & IInboxActions = useInbox();

interface ActionElement {
  type: "text";
  content: string;
  href: string;

interface IInboxMessagePreview {
  actions?: IActionElemental[];
  archived?: string;
  created: string;
  data?: Record<string, any>;
  messageId: string;
  opened?: string;
  preview?: string;
  read?: string;
  tags?: string[];
  title?: string;

interface IInboxActions {
  fetchMessages: (params?: IFetchMessagesParams) => void;
  getUnreadMessageCount: (params?: IGetMessagesParams) => void;
  init: (inbox: IInbox) => void;
  markAllAsRead: (fromWS?: boolean) => void;
  markMessageArchived: (messageId: string, fromWS?: boolean) => Promise<void>;
  markMessageOpened: (messageId: string, fromWS?: boolean) => Promise<void>;
  markMessageRead: (messageId: string, fromWS?: boolean) => Promise<void>;
  markMessageUnread: (messageId: string, fromWS?: boolean) => Promise<void>;
  newMessage: (transportMessage: IInboxMessagePreview) => void;
  resetLastFetched: () => void;
  setView: (view: string | "preferences") => void;
  toggleInbox: (isOpen?: boolean) => void;

interface IInbox {
  isLoading?: boolean;
  isOpen?: boolean;
  messages?: Array<IInboxMessagePreview>;
  startCursor?: string;
  unreadMessageCount?: number;
  view?: string | "preferences";

Inbox supports a few different events that can be triggered on the client side.

These events are:

  • Opened
  • Read
  • Unread
  • Click
  • Archive
  • Unpin

Some of these events are called automatically.

  • Delivered events are called automatically inside the Courier Provider when a message has been delivered through the websocket
  • Click events are triggered using our click through tracking links. Click events will also automatically trigger a read event.

Manually calling events (useInbox Example)

You can call events manually by importing the corresponding function from the react hook.

For Example:

import { CourierProvider } from "@trycourier/react-provider";
import { useInbox } from "@trycourier/react-hooks";

const MyInbox = () => {
  const inbox = useInbox();

  useEffect(() => {
  }, []);

  const handleReadMessage = (message) => (event) => {

    if (message.pinned) {

  const handleUnreadMessage = (message) => (event) => {

  const handleArchiveMessage = (message) => (event) => {

  const handleArchiveMessage = (message) => (event) => {

  return (
      {inbox.messages.map((message) => {
        return (
            {message.read ? (
                <button onClick={handleUnreadMessage(message)}>
                  Unread Me
                <button onClick={handleArchiveMessage(message)}>
                  Archive Me
            ) : (
              <button onClick={handleReadMessage(message)}>Read Me</button>

const MyApp = () => {
  return (
    <CourierProvider userId="MY_USER_ID" clientKey="MY_CLIENT_KEY">
      <MyInbox />




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