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React Native Client SDK
Simple borderless payments infrastructure for marketplaces.
Embedded fintech done right - whether that's escrow, credit, banking or payments.
Design your payment flow with our borderless API.

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📖 Documentation

See our in-depth documentation to learn how you can integrate the React Native trustshare client into your own app.

🔧 Installation

To use the React Native client in your mobile application, you can easily install our package from NPM:

# via npm:
npm install --save @trustshare/react-native-sdk

# via yarn
yarn add @trustshare/react-native-sdk

Peer Dependencies

We have a peer dependency on react-native-webview. You will need to install these packages in your project if you haven't already.

# via npm:
npm install --save react-native-webview

# via yarn
yarn add react-native-webview

🚀 Quick start

To use our SDK, you will need to sign up or log in to the dashboard to acquire an API key used to interact with the trustshare API. You can use our handy getting started guide that describes setting up your organisation on the dashboard.

Once you have access to your organisation, you can easily instantiate and start using the React Native client. With all this out of the way, you can use the newly set up client to achieve tasks needed for integration such as confirming a payment intent.

import { Checkout } from '@trustshare/react-native-sdk';

function Component(props: { client_secret: string }) {
  return (
      onCancel={() => {
        console.log('Payment cancelled');
      onComplete={(result) => {
        console.log('Payment complete!', { result });

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