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    🦅 cli syntax highlighting: any function - any object - 176 languages

    Figure 00

    Fork notice

    This is Truffle's customized fork of Chromafi. The original Chromafi can be found here.

    The differences are as follows:

    1. This fork allows colors to continue across lines.
    2. This fork exposes the hljs object as chromafi.hljs so that it can be modified.
    3. This fork uses lodash.merge instead of deepmerge for Webpack compatibility.
    4. This fork has removed the ansi-mark functionality and dependency.


    Support the development of Chromafi by becoming a patreon.


    • JavaScript objects that are logged to the console... still look like JavaScript objects.
    • Chromafi highlights JavaScript functions.
    • Adjust indentation for tabbed code with Chromafi.
    • User defined color palettes.
    • Line numbers optional.
    • Padding adjustment for use with background colors or tight spaces.
    • Chromafi also highlights strings of code in 176 languages.


    Chromafi a JavaScript Object

    const chromafi = require('chromafi')
    const obj = {
        foo: 'bar',
        baz: 1337,
        qux: true,
        zxc: null,
        'foogle-bork': function (a, b) {
            return b - a
    const chromatastic = chromafi(obj)

    Figure 01

    Chromafi a JavaScript Function

    const chromafi = require('chromafi')
    function add (a, b) {
        return a + b
    const chromantic = chromafi(add)

    Figure 02

    Chromafi a String of Code

    const chromafi = require('chromafi')
    const codeString = `
    // Creates a Class based on Type
    const create = (kind, parent) => {
        // Create the Class based on the Type's
        // Constructor or use an Anon. Func
        const protoclass = kind.ctor || function () {}
        // Inherit from a parent object
        if (parent) {
            protoclass.prototype = new Parent()
        // Merge prototype from Class's Type
        if (kind.proto) {
  , kind.proto)
        return protoclass
    const chromadactic = chromafi(codeString)

    Figure 03


    const chromafi = require('chromafi')
    const chalk = require('chalk')
    const obj = {foobar: 1337}
    const options = {
        lineNumberPad: 0,
        codePad: 0,
        indent: 2,
        lineNumbers: true,
        colors: {
            base: chalk.bgBlack.white.bold,
    const chromafanatic = chromafi(obj, options)

    Figure 04

    Light Color Scheme

    Chromafi uses Chalk to write ANSI color codes to the terminal.

    const chromafi = require('chromafi')
    const chromafi = require('.')
    const chalk = require('chalk')
    const obj = {
        foo: 'bar',
        baz: 1337,
        qux: true,
        zxc: null,
        'foogle-bork': function (a, b) {
            return b - a
    const chromafantastic = chromafi(obj, {
        colors: {
            // Just pass `chalk` to ignore colors
            trailing_space: chalk,
            line_numbers: chalk.bgBlue.white

    Figure 05

    Highlighting Other Languages

    Chromafi uses Highlight.js to syntax highlight to your code. This means Chromafi can highlight any language that Highlight.js can.

    Let's Chromafi some assembler syntax:

    const chromafi = require('chromafi')
    const armAssemblyCode = `
    .global connect
        mov     r3, #2              ; s->sin_family = AF_INET
        strh    r3, [sp]
        ldr     r3, =server_port    ; s->sin_port = server_port
        ldr     r3, [r3]
        strh    r3, [sp, #2]
        ldr     r3, =server_addr    ; s->sin_addr = server_addr
        ldr     r3, [r3]
        str     r3, [sp, #4]
        mov     r3, #0              ; bzero(&s->sin_zero)
        str     r3, [sp, #8]
        str     r3, [sp, #12]
        mov     r1, sp      ; const struct sockaddr *addr = sp
        ldr     r7, =connect_call
        ldr     r7, [r7]
        swi     #0
        add     sp, sp, #16
        pop     {r0}        ; pop sockfd
        pop     {r7}
        pop     {fp, ip, lr}
        mov     sp, ip
        bx      lr
    socket_call:   .long 281
    connect_call:  .long 283
    /* all addresses are network byte-order (big-endian) */
    server_addr:            .long 0x0100007f ; localhost
    server_port:            .hword 0x0b1a
    const chromalicious = chromafi(armAssemblyCode, {lang: 'arm'})

    Figure 06

    Supported Languages

    1c, abnf, accesslog, actionscript, ada, apache, applescript, arduino, armasm, asciidoc, aspectj, autohotkey, autoit, avrasm, awk, axapta, bash, basic, bnf, brainfuck, cal, capnproto, ceylon, clean, clojure-repl, clojure, cmake, coffeescript, coq, cos, cpp, crmsh, crystal, cs, csp, css, d, dart, delphi, diff, django, dns, dockerfile, dos, dsconfig, dts, dust, ebnf, elixir, elm, erb, erlang-repl, erlang, excel, fix, flix, fortran, fsharp, gams, gauss, gcode, gherkin, glsl, go, golo, gradle, groovy, haml, handlebars, haskell, haxe, hsp, htmlbars, http, hy, inform7, ini, irpf90, java, javascript, jboss-cli, json, julia-repl, julia, kotlin, lasso, ldif, leaf, less, lisp, livecodeserver, livescript, llvm, lsl, lua, makefile, markdown, mathematica, matlab, maxima, mel, mercury, mipsasm, mizar, mojolicious, monkey, moonscript, n1ql, nginx, nimrod, nix, nsis, objectivec, ocaml, openscad, oxygene, parser3, perl, pf, php, pony, powershell, processing, profile, prolog, protobuf, puppet, purebasic, python, q, qml, r, rib, roboconf, routeros, rsl, ruby, ruleslanguage, rust, scala, scheme, scilab, scss, shell, smali, smalltalk, sml, sqf, sql, stan, stata, step21, stylus, subunit, swift, taggerscript, tap, tcl, tex, thrift, tp, twig, typescript, vala, vbnet, vbscript-html, vbscript, verilog, vhdl, vim, x86asm, xl, xml, xquery, yaml, zephir


    Thank you to the following Noun Project artists for the vectors used in the lead graphic.


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