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    Truffle Box management functionality.

    Handles behavior for unboxing a new project from a predefined Truffle Box.


    const TruffleBox = require("@truffle/box");
    // `@truffle/box` prompts when unboxing into non-empty directories & before potential overwrites
    // a `force` option can be passed to force unboxing. default is false
    const unboxOptions = { force: false };
    // .unbox() validates & unboxes truffle box repos
    // pass the current working directory as directory to unbox into
    TruffleBox.unbox("", process.cwd(), unboxOptions);
    // or specify relative path to unbox into (path must already exist)
    TruffleBox.unbox("", "some/relativePath", unboxOptions);

    Box Configuration

    Truffle Boxes are configured via a required truffle-box.json file in the box repo's root directory.

    This box configuration file specifies an object containing the following properties:

    • ignore

      A list of relative paths to files that should be removed upon box unpack. Useful to remove box READMEs or other artifacts that pertain to box but not the set-up Truffle project.


      "ignore": [
    • commands

      An object mapping supported behaviors for project to invoked command strings.

      truffle unbox prints commands to screen upon unboxing for documentation purposes.


      "commands": {
        "compile": "truffle compile",
        "migrate": "truffle migrate",
        "test": "truffle test"
    • hooks

      An object to specify commands to run at particular steps in the unbox process. Maps strings identifying individual hooks to command strings.


      "hooks": {
        "post-unpack": "npm install"

    Available Unbox Hooks

    • post-unpack

      If provided, runs command after box files are fetched and cleaned up for a new project.

      Commonly useful to install dependencies, e.g.


    npm i @truffle/box

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