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    TriplyDB javascript client


    See here for the TriplyDB JavaScript client documentation.

    Local development


    • NodeJS and Yarn should be installed
    • For unit-testing we recommend having direnv installed.
    • Run yarn to install all dependencies

    Setting up test environment

    To run the tests you need to set the API server URL and a access token in your ./envrc-private variable first: UNITTEST_TOKEN_READ, UNITTEST_TOKEN_WRITE, UNITTEST_TOKEN_ACCOUNT and UNITTEST_API_URL.

    Recommendations for these tokens:

    • Create a separate user (e.g. <MyUserName>-triplydb-js) the TriplyDB instance you're using, as the unittest will thoroughly removes all datasets from this account before starting the test
    • Create the tokens for that one, and use these tokens in ./envrc-private

    Running the tests

    yarn test.

    Building locally

    • yarn build transpiles the typescript code, and stores the JS results in the ./lib directory
    • yarn dev does the same, but watches for any changes to the typescript files and incrementally transpiles them when needed

    To publish a new version:

    • Run npm version [patch|minor|major]
    yarn's new version plugin does more than we want. We just want to modify the package.json file. I.e., just use npm
    - The CI will automatically publish the NPM package

    Building the TriplyDB-js binaries

    TriplyDB-js is also available as a CLI. This CLI supports uploading files to TriplyDB from the command-line. To build the executable, run yarn run package. Run the stored executable (e.g. ./triplydb-linux) with a --help argument to find the supported command line arguments.




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