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Tripetto FormBuilder SDK

🙋‍♂️ The Tripetto FormBuilder SDK helps building powerful and deeply customizable forms for your application, web app, or website.

👩‍💻 Create and run forms and surveys without depending on external services.

💸 Developing a custom form solution is tedious and expensive. Instead, use Tripetto and save time and money!

🌎 Trusted and used by organizations around the globe, including Fortune 500 companies.

This SDK is the ultimate form solution for everything from basic contact forms to surveys, quizzes and more with intricate flow logic. Whether you're just adding conversational forms to your website or application, or also need visual form-building capabilities inside your app, Tripetto has got you covered! Pick what you need from the SDK with visual form builder, form runners, and countless question types – all with extensive docs. Or take things up a notch by developing your own question types or even form runner UIs.

📦 Ranking Block

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This block for Tripetto implements a ranking list. It allows respondents to rank a list of options. Besides the builder part of the block, this package includes a base class with the validation/condition logic for the runner part of the block.

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🚀 Get started

You can find all the information to start with this block at tripetto.com/sdk/docs/blocks/stock/ranking/.

📖 Documentation

Tripetto has practical, extensive documentation. Find everything you need at tripetto.com/sdk/docs/.

🆘 Support

Run into issues or bugs? Report them here.

Need help or assistance? Please go to our support page. We're more than happy to help you.

💳 License

Have a blast. MIT.

👋 About us

If you want to learn more about Tripetto or contribute in any way, visit us at tripetto.com.

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