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SQL Model Source

SQL backing for the travetto model module, with real-time modeling support for SQL schemas.

Install: @travetto/model-sql

npm install @travetto/model-sql

Install: Specific SQL Client: mysql

npm install mysql


Install: Specific SQL Client: postgres

npm install pg

This module provides a SQL-based implementation of ModelSource for the Data Modeling module. This source allows the Data Modeling module to read, write and query against SQL databases. In development mode, the ModelSource will also modify the database schema in real time to minimize impact to development.

The schema generated will not generally map to existing tables as it is attempting to produce a document store like experience on top of a SQL database. Every table generated will have a path_id which determines it's location in the document hierarchy as well as sub tables will have a parent_path_id to associate records with the parent values.

The current SQL client support stands at:

  • MySQL - 5.6 and 5.7
  • Postgres - 11+
  • SQL Server - Currently unsupported
  • Oracle - Currently unsupported

Note: Wider client support will roll out as usage increases.

Out of the box, by installing the module, everything should be wired up by default. If you need to customize any aspect of the source or config, you can override and register it with the Dependency Injection module.

Code: Wiring up a custom Model Source

import { AsyncContext } from '@travetto/context';
import { InjectableFactory } from '@travetto/di';
import { SQLModelConfig } from '@travetto/model-sql/src/config';
import { SQLModelSource } from '@travetto/model-sql/src/source';
import { MySQLDialect } from '@travetto/model-sql/src/dialects/mysql/dialect';
export class Init {
  @InjectableFactory({ primary: true })
  static getModelSource(ctx: AsyncContext, conf: SQLModelConfig) {
    return new SQLModelSource(ctx, conf, new MySQLDialect(ctx, conf));

where the SQLModelConfig is defined by:

Code: Structure of SQLModelConfig

import { EnvUtil } from '@travetto/boot';
import { Config } from '@travetto/config';
 * SQL Model Config
export class SQLModelConfig {
   * Host to connect to
  host = '';
   * Default port
  port = 0;
   * Username
  user = '';
   * Password
  password = '';
   * Table prefix
  namespace = '';
   * Database name
  database = 'app';
   * Auto schema creation
  autoCreate = !EnvUtil.isReadonly();
   * Db version
  version = '';
   * Raw client options
  options = {};

and can be overridden via environment variables or config files, as defined in Configuration.

CLI - model:sql-schema

The module provides the ability to generate the full SQL schema from all the various @Models within the application. This is useful for being able to generate the appropriate SQL commands to define your schemas in production.

Terminal: Running schema generate

$ travetto travetto model:sql-schema --help
Usage:  model:sql-schema [options]
  -a, --app [app]      Application root to export(default: .)
  -c, --clear [clear]  Whether or not to generate DROP statements first (default: true)
  -h, --help           display help for command


npm i @travetto/model-sql

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