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Neptune Tokens npm

Design tokens for Neptune, Wise's design system. Currently includes colours, radiuses, and sizes.

Tokens always start with a base layer that directly accesses the values, and can be extended with a semantic layer that describes the token's intended purpose, rather than how it looks.


For npm environments, install the package and consume the bundles below.

npm install @transferwise/neptune-tokens


Bundles are offered both in CSS and Less.

We currently only have one theme on web, so the bundles directly reference the colour values from the light theme.

@import "@transferwise/neptune-tokens/tokens.css";

.tw-card {
  color: var(--color-text-primary);
  padding: var(--size-16);
@import "@transferwise/neptune-tokens/tokens.less";

.tw-card {
  color: @color-text-primary;
  padding: @size-16;

Too add the new personal theme please add our new tokens

@import "@transferwise/neptune-tokens/dist/themes/personal/tokens.css";


To import or update colours on the Figma libraries for Neptune:

  1. Copy the values from the colors.json file in the dist folder
  2. Paste them into the plugin Import from Style Dictionary



Our current colour palette is built on a main set of 7 base colours with different levels of brightness. From lightest to darkest:

  • Fade
  • Light
  • Mid
  • Dark

The base set also includes 3 brand colours, currently used exclusively in marketing pages outside product, that don't have brightness variations.

We have 2 themes, light and dark, that refer to the colours semantically. This is the recommended way of using our colour tokens, as the base colours have a higher risk of deprecation. There are no dependencies between the imports, the values are flattened on the themes, so base colours don't usually need to be imported.

Source values


Radius tokens are available in small and medium sizes. We want to encourage a small manageable set of radiuses in Neptune, so we use T-shirt sizes to define their names.

Name Size
radius-small 3
radius-medium 10


Size tokens should be used for defining spaces and dimensions.

We start with a 4-point scale that gives fine control for aligning elements inside components and optimising space on smaller screens. From 16 onwards it becomes an 8-point scale where the difference in steps is more visible. There's currently no semantic layer for sizes.

Name Size
size-4 4
size-8 8
size-12 12
size-14 14
size-16 16
size-24 24
size-32 32
size-40 40
size-48 48
size-56 56
size-60 60
size-64 64
size-72 72
size-80 80
size-88 88
size-96 96
size-104 104
size-112 112
size-120 120
size-128 128
size-146 146
size-154 154

⚠️ These tokens were previously called spacing before version 1.0.0


Space tokens should be used for defining spaces between elements.

We currently only provide a token for horizontal content spacing.

Name Size
space-content-horizontal 16


Our size scale was created around the standard size for proportional fonts on most platforms, 16. It then includes smaller values for lower hierarchy body copy, and larger ones mostly used for headings.

Name Size Default rendering size
font-size-12 0.75 12px
font-size-14 0.875 14px
font-size-16 1 16px
font-size-20 1.25 20px
font-size-26 1.625 26px
font-size-32 2 32px
Name Line height
line-height-title 1.2
line-height-body 1.5
line-height-control 1.2
Name Font weight
font-weight-regular 500
font-weight-semi-bold 600
font-weight-bold 800




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