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React virtualized select element using react-window

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Live Examples with Storybook


npm i --save @tractorzoom/virtualized-select


import React from 'react'
import VirtualizedSelect from '@tractorzoom/virtualized-select'

const MyComponent = () => (
        onChange={(selectedItem) => console.log('selectedItem: ', selectedItem)}
            label: 'Item 1',
            value: 1,
        }, {
            label: 'Item 2',
            value: 2,
        }, {
            label: 'Item 3',
            value: 3,

export default MyComponent

Virtualized Select Props

value required description
isDisabled no bool value that disables select element
isRequired no bool value that when enabled add red required border to select
onChange yes function called when selection changes
options yes list of options for select
placeholder no string to display inside select when no current selection; defaults to Select...
value no object that matches the Option object that is selected

Option Props

value required description
label yes string displayed in drop down
subtitle no string displayed as subtext in drop down
value yes identifier for option


We welcome improvements and fixes via PRs. Review the contributing guidelines below before getting started.

Code Style

We use Prettier with pre-commit hooks to format the majority of our code style preferences.


We use commitlint to ensure our commit messages are consistent and semantic. Commitlint is enable through a pre-commit hook with husky. For assistance with making commit messages that abide by our configuration, use npm run commit to step through the commitizen wizard to commit staged changes.


We use Storybook to create our examples for our component. If you are adding or editing props to the VirtualizedSelect component, ensure that you have added or updated any stories effected to document the functionality of the component.


Using Jest for testing. Prefer the use of Jest Snapshots and react-test-renderer.

npm run test

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npm i @tractorzoom/virtualized-select

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