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Equipment Details Card

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npm i --save @tractorzoom/equipment-card

Make sure you have peer dependencies installed.

Equipment Card Props

value required description
auctionDate no string for auction date of equipment; used as fallback for saleDate
distance no number for distance of equipment
handleOpen yes function that is called when card is clicked
handleEquipmentSelected yes function that is called when equipment selection button is clicked
id yes string or number identifier for piece of equipment
imageUrl yes string url for image of equipment
isLoading no render loading skeleton card
make yes string for make name of equipment
makeImageUrl yes string url used as fallback if there is an error when using imageUrl
model yes string for model of equipment
onVisible no called for the first time the card becomes 70% visible
price yes number for sold price of equipment
saleDate no string for sale date of equipment
selectedEquipmentSet yes Set of ids of currently selected equipment
shouldHaveDataTour no boolean for if data-tour attributes should be added
state no string for state of equipment
style no object of styles to be applied to the root card
year no number for year of equipment


We welcome improvements and fixes via PRs. Review the contributing guidelines in the repository readme for how to get started.

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npm i @tractorzoom/equipment-card

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