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Neutrium.thermo.IAPWS97 is a javascript implementation of the IAPWS formulations of the thermodynamic properties of water and steam. The IAPWS papers implemented in Neutrium.thermo.IAPWS97 are as follows:

For specific details on range of applicability for the IAPWS please refer to the Revised Release on the IAPWS Industrial Formulation 1997 for the Thermodynamic Properties of Water and Steam 2007.

Getting Started


You can install the Neutrium implementation of the IAPWS97 equation of state package using npm.

npm install @tr0j332/thermo.eos.iapws97 --save



In typescript you can include the package as follows:

import {IAPWS97_EoS} from "@neutrium/thermo.eos.iapws97"

let EoS = new IAPWS97_EOS();

This module is built with the declaration files so type hinting should work once the module has been imported.


var EoS = require('@neutrium/thermo.eos.iapws97');


Since version 2.0.0 this module has been converted to a commonjs (node) package. To use it in a browser environment you will need to use a tool like browserify to convert it to a web bundle.

Unicode Notes

This package makes use of utf8 characters for variable names and therefore should be handled appropriately. For example if bundled for browser use it would be included as follows:

<script charset="utf-8" src="path-to-lib/IAPWS97-bundle.js"></script>


Calculating Properties

Steam and water properties can be calculated using the solve method and a supported combination of pressure (Pa), temperature (K), enthalpy (kJ/kg.K) and entropy (kJ/K.kg). For example (in typescript):

import {IAPWS97_EOS} from "@neutrium/thermo.eos.iapws97"

let EoS = new IAPWS97_EOS();
let inputs = {
    "p" => 101325,
    "t" => 300

let state = EoS.solve(inputs);

The supported input combinations are Pressure/Temperature, Pressure/Enthalpy, Pressure/Entropy and Enthalpy/Entropy.

Return Values

If your specified values lie within the applicable range for the IAWPS formulations you will be return an object containing the following properties:

	p, 		// Pressure, p, Pa
	t, 		// Temperature, t, K
	v, 		// Specific volume, v, m^3/kg
	rho,	// Density, rho, kg/m^3
	u,		// Specific internal energy, u, kJ/kg
	s,		// Specific entropy, s, kJ/kg
	h, 		// Specific enthalpy, h, kJ/kg.K
	cp,		// Specific isobaric heat capacity, Cp kJ/kg.K
	cv,		// Specific isochoric heat capacity, Cv
	w,		// Speed of Sound, w, m/s
	mu,		// Viscosity cP,
	k,		// Thermal Conductivity W/m.K
	sigma,	// Surface Tension mN/m
	epsilon,// Dielectric constant
	ic		// Ionisation constant


If you are using Typescript the return valve from the solve method will be an instance of the State class from the @neutrium/thermo package.


If you try and calculate the properties outside the range of applicability as specified by IAWPS an exception will be thrown.

@neutrium/quantity Support

This package allows properties of the State class to be converted to Neutrium Quantities.

Simply request the results of the solve method as quantities:

var result = IAPWS97_EoS.solve(3000000, 300).asQty();

This will allow you to easily convert each property as required:

var psi = result.p.to('psi');

See the NeutriumJS.Quantity readme for more info.


This pacakge is currently tested using all applicable tests provided in the IAWPS papers listed above. To run the tests, after cloning and installing package dependences via npm and run npm task build at the terminal.


NeutriumJS is free software, but you can support the developers by donating here.

Release Notes

Version Notes
1.0.0 Initial Release
1.0.5 Add UMD definition
1.1.0 Optional NeutriumJS.convert support
1.1.1 Change P and T keys to lower case
1.1.2 Added exception throwing for out of range case
1.1.3 Bug fixes for exception throwing logic
1.2.0 Renamed package to NeutriumJS.thermo.IAPWS97
2.0.0 Rename package, switch to Typescript and convert to npm module


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

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