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    FTI Portal Styleguide

    Styleguide based on Pattern Lab grunt for FTI portal

    This demo page will show all implementated parts of the latest version (master branch) of this package.


    There are different ways to use this package ...

    link the source - CDN at Google Cloud Storage (GCS)

    You can put the following snippet into the head of your HTML document ...

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="">

    npm package

    If you want to use the npm package just install with npm

    $ npm install @tourstream/fti-portal-styleguide --save

    or with yarn

    $ yarn add @tourstream/fti-portal-styleguide

    After this step you can use the sources as you like. They can be found in ./node_modules/@tourstream/fti-portal-styleguide/source

    Demo pages

    We use multiple systems for different states of the code.

    So, if you would like to see the result of an unmerged pull request just use the following pattern ...

    heroku pattern: https://fti-portal-styleguide-st-pr-[PULL_REQUEST_NUMBER]

    figure out the number of open pull request at github ... example #22 ... ... that's it

    Pattern States

    1. #FF4136 inprogress: Element is in in progress on the developer side.
    2. #ffcc00 inreview: Element is in review on the developer side.
    3. #cc33ff usable: Element is complete and usable, but element on Invision is not set as complete.
    4. #2ECC40 complete: Element is set as complete in styleguide and in Invision.




    npm i @tourstream/fti-portal-styleguide

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