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A trail of links to let users find their place within a website.


No rocket science here. Although rockets are cool, to be honest. 🚀 You can install the component using NPM or Yarn.

npm install @tournant/breadcrumb --save

If you use Yarn:

yarn add @tournant/breadcrumb

Once the component is installed you need to import it wherever you want to use it.

import TournantBreadcrumb from '@tournant/breadcrumb'

Don’t forget to add it to the registered components (been there, done that):

components: {
  // ... all the other amazing components


The breadcrumb renders an ordered list of links. The last item in the list is marked with aria-current.


  • links: Array. Required. The links in the path you want to render. Consisting of items which are structured as follow:
    • item: Object. Needs to have the properties to and text. If used with Nuxt or @vue/router exact can also be set.
  • labelText: String. Default: «Breadcrumb». A breadcrumb navigation has to have an aria-label, you can change it with this prop.
  • labelledBy: You can provide the ID of an element on the page to label the navigation. If you use labelledBy, aria-label will not be added.

Basic Example

<!-- Input -->
    { to: '/', text: 'Homepage' },
    { to: '/archive', text: 'Archive' },
    { to: '/archive/post', text: 'Post' }

<!-- Output -->
<nav aria-label="Breadcrumb" class="t-ui-breadcrumb">
	<ol class="t-ui-breadcrumb__list">
		<li class="t-ui-breadcrumb__item"><a href="/">Homepage</a></li>
		<li class="t-ui-breadcrumb__item"><a href="/archive">Archive</a></li>
		<li class="t-ui-breadcrumb__item">
			<a href="/archive/post" aria-current="Page">Post</a>


You can omit to for the last item. In which case aria-current will not be set.


A label can be either provided by passing a labelText or linking an element via ID using labelledBy. The linked element can be included in the component by using the label slot.

<tournant-breadcrumb :links="links" :labelledBy="test-id">
	<template v-slot:label>
		<h2 id="test-id">Breadcrumb</h2>

Framework Detection

By default, all links are rendered as simple a tags. However, if you use Nuxt or @vue/router this is automatically detected and the links are rendered as nuxt-link or router-link respectively.

Under the hood it makes use of @tournant/dynamic-anchor.


Classname Element
t-ui-breadcrumb Root
t-ui-breadcrumb__list The ol containing list items with links
t-ui-breadcrumb__item li containing a link
t-ui-breadcrumb__link a to the actual item


Schema.org compatible BreadcrumbList microdata is embedded into the markup. Hence this breadcrumb is discoverable by third parties and they are able to use this data, e.g. in displaying it in a search results page.


If a user clicks on a link in the breadcrumb it emits a custom event named itemClick. The payload is the index of the clicked item.

Bugs & Enhancements

If you found a bug, please create a bug ticket.

For enhancements please refer to the contributing guidelines.




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