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Please use @toruslabs/customauth-react-native-sdk instead


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Fully white-labelled UI/UX paired up to Torus PKI and auth for React Native.


This SDK requires native modules and is designed to bring native experience to your React Native app without you doing any work.

If you've already implemented a native auth experience or prefer to use plain JS React Native, you can use torus-direct-web-sdk, which won't require native modules and can plug into your login system via getTorusKey and getAggregateTorusKey function.

Getting Started

npm i --save @toruslabs/torus-direct-react-native-sdk

Please refer to the native SDKs for platform-specific configuration.

Manual installation


  1. In Xcode, in the project navigator, right click LibrariesAdd Files to [your project's name]
  2. Go to node_modules@toruslabs/torus-direct-react-native-sdk and add RNTorusDirectSdk.xcodeproj
  3. In Xcode, in the project navigator, select your project. Add libRNTorusDirectSdk.a to your project's Build PhasesLink Binary With Libraries
  4. Run your project Cmd+R


  1. Open up android/app/src/main/java/[...]/

    • Add import org.torusresearch.rntorusdirect.RNTorusDirectSdkPackage; to the imports at the top of the file

    • Add new RNTorusDirectSdkPackage() to the list returned by the getPackages() method

  2. Append the following lines to android/settings.gradle:

    include ':torus-direct-react-native-sdk'
    project(':torus-direct-react-native-sdk').projectDir = new File(rootProject.projectDir, '../node_modules/torus-direct-react-native-sdk/android')
  3. Insert the following lines inside the dependencies block in android/app/build.gradle:

    compile project(':torus-direct-react-native-sdk')


Initialize the SDK after your app is mounted (useEffect or componentDidMount):

import TorusDirect from "@toruslabs/torus-direct-react-native-sdk";

  network: "testnet",

  // Final redirect to your app, can be either custom scheme or deep link
  redirectUri: "torusapp://org.torusresearch.torusdirectexample/redirect",

  // Redirect from browser, some providers don't allow to redirect to custom scheme, you'll need to configure a proxy web address in which case

Trigger user's login:

import TorusDirect from "@toruslabs/torus-direct-react-native-sdk";

const credentials = await TorusDirect.triggerLogin({
  typeOfLogin: "google", // "facebook", "email_passwordless", "twitter", "discord", etc
  verifier: "acme-google", // Your verifier registered on
  clientId, // Your OAuth provider's client ID
  jwtParams, // Extra params vary by provider

Want to know more or implement more advanced use cases? See our API reference.

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