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A developer-focused platform for app deployment & centralized cloud resource management.


Developers should not be frustrated by deploying apps to the infrastructure, or bothering the DevOps engineers to help deploying it, they should fully focus on developing apps, they don't need to understand the servers, the domains, or infrastructure related stuffs.

Focus on building your apps, shipping fast, and shinning, and leave your cloud infrastructure to Diginext.

dx also means Developer Experience, and this is my number one goal - create the best experience for developers - let's make coding great again.

Diginext Build Server & CLI


  • One-click deploy to any Kubernetes clusters of any cloud providers
    • ✅ GCP
    • ✅ DigitalOcean
    • ✅ Metal K8S cluster
    • 🔜 AWS
    • 🔜 Azure
  • Simple deploy of any public or private Docker image
  • Application rollback to previously deployed versions
  • Overcoming Kubernetes complexity by stripping Kubernetes away
  • Start developing new applications with frameworks or boilerplates
  • Manage, auto-backup & restore databases:
    • Postgres
    • MySQL
    • MongoDB
  • Zero-downtime deploy and health checks
  • Monitor CPU, RAM, and Network usage per deployment, per node & per cluster
  • Marketplace for one click add-ons (e.g. MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL)

For Developers

  • Fully focus on development
  • Deploy apps to any Kubernetes cluster (without understanding Kubernetes 🤯 ).
  • Enhance your daily basis workflows with additional helpful commands for k8s, git and database
  • Start new project quickly with a set of useful Frameworks.

For DevOps

  • If you’re managing multiple cluster, dx is definitely for you.
  • Enhance your daily basis tasks with helpful commands to manage clusters, namespaces, secrets, deployments, workloads, etc…
  • Monitoring your infrastructure with ease!
    • Manage Kubernetes clusters
    • Manage, backup & restore databases: MongoDB, MariaDB, PostgreSQL,…
  • Automations, CI/CD, cronjobs, notifications, alerts,…

Tech Leads, Managers, Company & Startups

  • Manage & monitoring your projects easily.
  • Overview of your teams & cloud resources.
  • Faster diagnose, better logs, fewer stresses.
  • Overview of your organization, your teams, your members, your projects, your apps and your investment in cloud resources.
  • Better understanding about what your team is doing.
  • Especially if you are poor, like us, but still want to adopt the mighty Kubernetes, dx is for you.

Still not convinced?


Getting Started

CLI Installation

Install the package globally:

npm i @topgroup/diginext --location=global

CLI Update

  • To update your CLI to the latest version: dx update or npm update @topgroup/diginext --location=global.

Login to your Diginext workspace:

dx login 
# is similar with:
# dx login https://hobby.diginext.site
cd /path/to/your/app
dx init
dx up

That's it!

Start developing a new app from boilerplate frameworks:

dx new

Available frameworks: ✓ Next.js ✓ Nest.js ✓ Static website with NGINX ✓ More to come!

Running Diginext platform on your own infrastructure


  • A server: any computers with Ubuntu, Debian or CentOS

1. With installation script

Access into your server (directly or via SSH), then run this script:

curl -sfL https://diginext.site/install/microk8s | sh -

👉 Detailed instruction

2. With Docker Engine

  • Diginext requires a MongoDB database to run the build server.

For fastest installation, I recommend to use our docker-compose.yaml, you will need to fill in some environment variables:

  # Add your credentials so you can use Google Sign-in to authenticate with your workspace later on:

Then spin up the build server with: docker compose up, it will be available at: http://localhost:6969

Access the admin (http://localhost:6969) to configure your new workspace.

On the client side, use the CLI command dx login http://your-workspace-domain.com to login to your workspace and start new app with dx new or start deploying with dx up (or dx deploy).

👉 Read the docs here.

Other installation guides


Admin UI

Contributing PRs Welcome

Read our contributing guide and let's build a better build platform together.

We welcome all contributions. Please read our CONTRIBUTING.md first. You can submit any ideas as pull requests or as GitHub issues. If you'd like to improve code, check out the Development Instructions and have a good time! :)

If you are a collaborator, please follow our Pull Request principle to create a Pull Request with collaborator template.

Community and Support:

Join our community on Discord!

Suggest improvements and report problems.

Credits / Donations

This is a ONE-MAN project & I've been spending a lot of time for it, although it's my hobby project, I still need beers to keep the momentum. If you enjoyed this project — or just feeling generous, consider buying me some beers. Cheers! 🍻

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