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    Lesser Than Monkberry.

    This package helps to use the monkberry template engine as a library. It provides a modified API render and a special directive :ref which exposes DOM elements.


    npm install monkberry @tomko/lt-monkberry

    How to use

    A template.monk file:

      <input type="text" :ref="myInput">
      <button type="submit">Click here</button>

    Some JavaScript code:

    import { render } from "@tomko/lt-monkberry"
    const template = require("./template.monk")
    let view = render(template)
    let formEl = view.rootEl()
    formEl.addEventListener("submit", ev => {
      let inputEl = view.ref("myInput")
      console.log("Submit:", inputEl.value)

    The modified API

    The render function no longer takes a parentElement parameter, and it returns a modified LtMonkberryView object.

    The additional API of LtMonkberryView:

    • view.rootEl() returns the single root DOM Element of the template. If there is zero or several root elements, an Error is thrown.
    • view.ref("myRefName") returns the single DOM Element that is referenced by the directive :ref="myRefName". If there is zero or several matched elements, an Error is thrown.
    • view.references is an object of type LtMonkberryReferences.

    The type LtMonkberryReferences: each reference name in the template is a property name, with a list of DOM elements as value. For example:

      <input type="text" :ref="myInput">
      <input type="text" :ref="myInput">
      <button type="submit" :ref="btn">Click here</button>
    import { render } from "@tomko/lt-monkberry"
    let view = render(require("./template.monk"))
    console.log(view.references) // {"myInput": [-dom-input-1-, -dom-input-2-], "btn": [-dom-button-1-]}


    npm i @tomko/lt-monkberry

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