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ESlint plugin includes rules for JS and TS codebase. Better to use with framework-oriented packages @tinkoff/eslint-config-react or @tinkoff/eslint-config-angular


Install from npm

npm i --save-dev @tinkoff/eslint-config

Then, need to include necessary configurations sets to .eslintrc. Wee need to choose base configuration, and any necessary additional configs. Package include eslint and prettier dependencies, so you should remove eslint, prettier from your project package.json because those packages are transitive dependencies.

Base configurations

For application

  "extends": ["@tinkoff/eslint-config/app"]

For library

  "extends": ["@tinkoff/eslint-config/lib"]

Additional configurations

If we use Jest

  "extends": ["@tinkoff/eslint-config/app", "@tinkoff/eslint-config/jest"]

Configurations overview

Main configurations sets contains common rules

  • @tinkoff/eslint-config/app - common rules and specific rules for applications
  • @tinkoff/eslint-config/lib - common rules and specific rules for libraries

Additional configurations sets. This configs not contain common eslint rules, and must be included with main configurations

  • @tinkoff/eslint-config/jest - rules for lint Jest test suits

Internal used plugins

@tinkoff/eslint-config/app and @tinkoff/eslint-config/lib include:

  • eslint-config-airbnb - common and popular configuration
  • eslint-plugin-eslint-comments - validate eslint comments
  • eslint-plugin-import - validate proper imports
  • eslint-plugin-promise - enforce best practices for promises
  • eslint-plugin-jest - validate jest tests
  • @typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin - lint TypeScript files, adopt many eslint rules to TS code, and provide specific TS rules
  • eslint-plugin-prettier - disable code formatting using eslint tools and transfers all the logic to a prettier, and report differences as eslint issues


Wrong or duplicated eslint or some eslint plugins versions

Try to remove eslint, prettier, and @tinkoff/eslint-config internal dependencies from your project package.json, then reinstall dependencies.

Usage tips for Nx monorepo

Connect to nx workspace

In root config

  1. Add "@tinkoff/eslint-config" to extends section on config.
  2. Set parserOptions.project for typescript files

    "root": true,
    "ignorePatterns": ["**/*"],
    "extends": ["@tinkoff/eslint-config"]
    // ...optionally some other configs
    "overrides": [
            "files": ["*.ts", "*.tsx"],
            "parserOptions": {
                "project": ["./tsconfig.base.json"]

In apps and non-buildable/non-publishable libs

Add "@tinkoff/eslint-config/app" in extends section after root config

    "extends": ["../../.eslintrc.json", "@tinkoff/eslint-config/app"],
    "ignorePatterns": ["!**/*"]
    ...optionally some other configs

In buildable/publishable libs

Add "@tinkoff/eslint-config/lib" in extends section after root config

    "extends": ["../../.eslintrc.json", "@tinkoff/eslint-config/lib"],
    "ignorePatterns": ["!**/*"]
    ...optionally some other configs

Non-JSON configs usage

Nx means usage .eslintrc.json for configure ESLint. Just provide it! In .eslintrc.json add extension of actual root config file:

  "extends": ["./.eslintrc.js"]

After that:

  • Nx see what they need and don't re-initialize lint infrastructure
  • You can use better config formats and nx generators

Disable false-positive detections from import/no-unresolved

override rule in .eslintrc of apps/libs that contains problem:

  // ...some other configs...
  // disable detection for packages starts with @tinkoff/
  overrides: [
      files: ['*.ts', '*.tsx', '*.js', '*.jsx'],
      rules: {
        'import/no-unresolved': [
            ignore: ['^@tinkoff/'],

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