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    ESlint plugin includes Tinkoff rules for JS and TS codebase. Better to use with framework-oriented packages @tinkoff/eslint-config-react or @tinkoff/eslint-config-angular


    Install from npm

    npm i --save-dev @tinkoff/eslint-config

    Then, need to include necessary configurations sets to .eslintrc. Wee need to choose base configuration, and any necessary additional configs. Package include eslint@7 and prettier@2 dependencies, so you should remove eslint, prettier, and @tinkoff/eslint-config internal dependencies from your project package.json.

    Base configurations

    For application

      "extends": ["@tinkoff/eslint-config/app"]

    For library

      "extends": ["@tinkoff/eslint-config/lib"]

    Additional configurations

    If we use Jest

      "extends": ["@tinkoff/eslint-config/app", "@tinkoff/eslint-config/jest"]

    Configurations overview

    Main configurations sets contains common rules

    • @tinkoff/eslint-config/app - common rules and specific rules for applications
    • @tinkoff/eslint-config/lib - common rules and specific rules for libraries

    Additional configurations sets. This configs not contain common eslint rules, and must be included with main configurations

    • @tinkoff/eslint-config/jest - rules for lint Jest test suits

    Internal used plugins

    @tinkoff/eslint-config/app and @tinkoff/eslint-config/lib include:

    • eslint-config-airbnb - common and popular configuration
    • eslint-plugin-eslint-comments - validate eslint comments
    • eslint-plugin-import - validate proper imports
    • eslint-plugin-promise - enforce best practices for promises
    • eslint-plugin-jest - validate jest tests
    • @typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin - lint TypeScript files, adopt many eslint rules to TS code, and provide specific TS rules
    • eslint-plugin-prettier - disable code formatting using eslint tools and transfers all the logic to a prettier, and report differences as eslint issues


    Wrong or duplicated eslint or some eslint plugins versions

    Try to remove eslint, prettier, and @tinkoff/eslint-config internal dependencies from your project package.json, then reinstall dependencies.


    npm i @tinkoff/eslint-config

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