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Website Translator

Node.js Package

Quickly scale up from one language to a dozen! No coding, manual translation, or duplicated webpages! Simply select the target languages and Website Translator will instantly translate the content. For quality control, you can review and edit translations with a visual editor.


Include a reference to the Website Translator

<script src="/dist/widget.js"></script>

Integrate using the default language selector

Default language selector can be displayed as a dropdown or a list of buttons that can be styled by css to further match your style. It will load the available languages automatically and start translation on making a selection.

<html lang="en">
   <!-- Enter the correct source code path -->
   <script src="/dist/widget.js"></script>
   <div class="website-translator"></div>
   <!-- This will be translated  -->
   <p>This will be translated</p>

   <!-- This will not be translated  -->
   <p translate="no">This will not be translated</p>

   <!-- This will not be translated  -->
   <p lang='ja'>これを訳して</p>
      // Configure

      // Change XXXXXXXXXXX to your Client-ID
      WebsiteTranslator.Options.api.clientId = "XXXXXXXXXXX";

      // Change backend url 
      WebsiteTranslator.Options.api.url = "https://example.com"

      WebsiteTranslator.Options.ui.toolbarPosition = "top";

      // Display the language selector as a dropdown:
      //    menu - "menu"
      //    list of buttons - "list"
      WebsiteTranslator.Options.ui.layout = "menu";

      // Display UI in the language your visitors are translating into:
      //    target language - "target",
      //    the original language - "source"
      WebsiteTranslator.Options.ui.translate = "target";


Browser support

EdgeEdge FirefoxFirefox ChromeChrome SafariSafari OperaOpera
14+ 52+ 51+ 10+ 38+

Edge Legacy and Internet Explorer browsers are not supported.

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