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    built with react Fragment : react 16 Tiny 3KB


    Reactjs-popup is a simple react popup component with a lot of benefits :

    • Built with react fragment that’s mean no additional wrapper Divs in your code or in the trigger element. 😮
    • Does not inject HTML outside your app root. 📦
    • Function as children pattern to take control over your popup anywhere in your code. 💪
    • Modal, Tooltip, Menu : All in one 🏋️
    • Full style customization 👌
    • Easy to use. 🚀
    • IE Support.🚀
    • TypeScript Support 👌
    • All these clocks in at around 3 kB zipped. ⚡️

    Requires React >= 16.0


    Live Demo

    alt text

    TO DO

    • [x] Create repository && publish package
    • [x] Create reactjs-popup Home page
    • [x] Tooltip Support
    • [x] Modal Support
    • [x] Menu & Nested Menu Support
    • [x] Add Live examples
    • [ ] Animation API
    • [ ] Toast Support
    • [ ] suggest a feature here

    Installing / Getting started

    This package is available in npm repository as reactjs-popup. It will work correctly with all popular bundlers.

    npm install reactjs-popup --save

    Using yarn

    yarn add reactjs-popup -s

    Include the Component

    To start using reactjs popup you just need to import the component from the reactjs-popup package.

    import React from "react";
    import Popup from "reactjs-popup";
    export default () => (
      <Popup trigger={<button> Trigger</button>} position="right center">
        <div>Popup content here !!</div>

    You can find more examples in the reactjs-popup home page


    Clone Repo

    Fork and then clone the repo

    git clone git@github.com:your-username/reactjs-popup.git

    Start Developing

    Install all npm scripts:

    npm install
    yarn install

    we use a simple package called parcel-story it's a simple storybook alternative more info https://github.com/yjose/parcel-story

    Run parcel-story :

    yarn start

    Run Test in watch mode

    yarn test-watch

    To make contributing simply you need to create a new story with documentation under stories/src directory ( you can copy/past any story to start with ).

    In this story, you need to present the new features or the bug fix and don't forget to comment your code :) .

    Make Changes. If you want to contribute check out the help wanted issues for things that need fixing.

    Before submitting a pull request run npm run test to run the unit-tests and npm run eslint to check for linting errors in your changes.


    The code in this project is licensed under MIT license.

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    Youssouf EL Azizi


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