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    Opinionated ESLint configuration that follow Allure design system recommendations

    Install peerDependencies

    The following packages need to be present on your project in order to use this library.

    "eslint": ">=7.0.0",
    "prettier": "^2.0.5",
    "typescript": ">=3.7.0"

    If they are not already present, add the required peerDependencies to your devDependencies

    yarn add eslint prettier typescript -D

    Install the configuration

    Add @ticketmaster/eslint-config-allure to your devDependencies

    yarn add @ticketmaster/eslint-config-allure -D

    Update your ESLint configuration file

    Add "@ticketmaster/eslint-config-allure" into the extends property of your .eslintrc.json file.

      "extends": ["@ticketmaster/eslint-config-allure"]

    Since @ticketmaster/eslint-config-allure is opinionated, your TSLint configuration file should not have any override rules and should look very similar to the one above.

    You can now use ESlint with the Allure configuration in your project

    @ticketmaster/eslint-config-allure remove all the formating rules already supported by Prettier. Because of that, if you have an auto-fix script, you gonna need to add the Prettier formater inside of this script.

    It is recommended to add the two following scripts into you packages.json to facilitate your usage of ESlint.

    "scripts": {
      "lint": "eslint .",
      "format": "prettier --write --loglevel warn .",
      "fix": "yarn lint --fix && yarn format"


    npm i @ticketmaster/eslint-config-allure

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