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Unified mouse, mouse wheel & multi-touch event stream abstraction. This is a support package for @thi.ng/rstream.


STABLE - used in production

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Breaking changes


The gestureStream() now supports external zoom control/resetting via providing a subscription as zoom option. That itself isn't a breaking change, however a result of this is that the GestureEvents emitted by the stream do not always contain the original DOM event anymore (i.e. not in the case when the zoom factor is being reset via attached subscription).


Multi-touch support has been added in v2.0.0, resulting in a complete rewrite of gestureStream() and new event data formats.

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yarn add @thi.ng/rstream-gestures

ESM import:

import * as gest from "@thi.ng/rstream-gestures";

Browser ESM import:

<script type="module" src="https://cdn.skypack.dev/@thi.ng/rstream-gestures"></script>

Skypack documentation

For Node.js REPL:

const gest = await import("@thi.ng/rstream-gestures");

Package sizes (brotli'd, pre-treeshake): ESM: 1.20 KB


Usage examples

Several projects in this repo's /examples directory are using this package:

Screenshot Description Live demo Source
Canvas based dial widget Demo Source
Interactive visualization of closest points on ellipses Demo Source
Interactive inverse FFT toy synth Demo Source
Doodle w/ K-nearest neighbor search result visualization Demo Source
K-nearest neighbor search in an hash grid Demo Source
Mouse gesture / stroke analysis, simplification, corner detection Demo Source
Interactive pattern drawing demo using transducers Demo Source
Canvas based Immediate Mode GUI components Demo Source
Minimal IMGUI usage example Demo Source
Worker based, interactive Mandelbrot visualization Demo Source
Basic rstream-gestures multi-touch demo Demo Source
Minimal rstream dataflow graph Demo Source
Minimal shader graph developed during livestream #2 Demo Source
Multi-layer vectorization & dithering of bitmap images Demo Source
rdom & WebGL-based image channel editor Demo Source


Generated API docs


All native events are abstracted into one of the following event types:

  • move - movemove
  • start - mousedown / touchstart
  • drag - mousemove (whilst dragging) / touchmove
  • end - mouseup / touchend / touchcancel
  • zoom - wheel


The stream emits GestureEvent objects of:

  • type - Current translated/abstracted event type (GestureType)
  • event - Original DOM event
  • pos - Event position (transformed as per GestureStreamOpts)
  • active - Active cursors (i.e. ongoing drag / touch gestures)
  • buttons - Mouse button bitmask (same as in standard MouseEvent), or, if isTouch is true, number of active touches.
  • zoom - Current zoom factor (as per GestureStreamOpts config)
  • zoomDelta - Last WheelEvent's transformed deltaY, wheelDeltaY
  • isTouch - True, if original event was a TouchEvent
// example mouse gesture event
  "type": "drag"
  "event": MouseEvent,
  "pos": [254, 169],
  "active": [
      "id": 0, // always 0 for mouse gestures
      "start": [443, 37],
      "pos": [254, 169],
      "delta": [-189, 132]
  "buttons": 2, // right button pressed
  "zoom": 1,
  "zoomDelta": 0,
  "isTouch": false


See the GestureStreamOpts config options for further details.

Basic usage

import { gestureStream } from "@thi.ng/rstream-gestures";
import { trace } from "@thi.ng/rstream";
import { comp, dedupe, filter, map, pluck } from "@thi.ng/transducers";

// create event stream with custom options
const gestures = gestureStream(document.body, { smooth: 0.01 });

// subscription logging zoom value changes
    // trace is simply logging received values to console
    // composed transducer, `dedupe` ensures only changed values are received
    comp(pluck("zoom"), dedupe())

// another subscription computing & logging drag gesture distance(s)
        filter((e) => e.type === "drag"),
        map((e) => e.active.map((g) => Math.hypot(...g.delta)))

Resettable zoom

For some applications (e.g. graphical editors), it can be helpful to reset the zoom value. This can be done by supplying a stream/subscription as part of the config options:

import { reactive } from "@thi.ng/rstream";
import { gestureStream } from "@thi.ng/rstream-gestures";

// create stream for initial zoom value & for resetting
const zoomReset = reactive(1);

// create gesture stream w/ zoom subscription
const gestures = gestureStream(document.body, {
    smooth: 0.01,
    zoom: zoomReset

// ... then to reset the zoom at some point (e.g to zoom=2)


If this project contributes to an academic publication, please cite it as:

  title = "@thi.ng/rstream-gestures",
  author = "Karsten Schmidt and others",
  note = "https://thi.ng/rstream-gestures",
  year = 2018


© 2018 - 2024 Karsten Schmidt // Apache License 2.0

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