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Easy social media share buttons and share counts.

Share buttons and counts example


  • no external script loading, i.e. no dependencies on SDKs
  • opens a popup share-window
  • sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, VK
  • share counts for Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and Pinterest
  • share buttons with generated icons or custom icons of your choice


  • demos/demo0: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, VK

To run demos: clone repo and run npm install && npm run run-demos and open http://localhost:8080/demo0/.


npm install react-share --save


ShareButtons work on all browsers.

ShareCounts works on all browsers, with the exception of Goolge Plus share count working only on IE11 and newer (XHR CORS problem).


Compatible with React versions 0.13.x, 0.14.x and 15.x.x.


import {
} from 'react-share';

Share buttons

const {
= ShareButtons;
Share button props
Required props Optional props
All children: A React node (e.g. string or element)
url: URL of the shared page (string)
disabled: Disables click action and adds disabled class (bool)
disabledStyle: Style when button is disabled (object, default = { opacity: 0.6 })
windowWidth, windowHeight: opened window dimensions (int, different defaults for all share buttons)
beforeOnClick: Takes a function that returns a Promise to be fulfilled before calling onClick
FacebookShareButton - title: Title of the shared page (string)
description: Description of the shared page (string)
picture: An absolute link to the image that will be shared (string)
GooglePlusShareButton - -
LinkedinShareButton - title: Title of the shared page (string)
description: Description of the shared page (string)
TwitterShareButton - title: Title of the shared page (string)
via: (string)
hashtags: (array)
TelegramShareButton - title: Title of the shared page (string)
WhatsappShareButton - title: Title of the shared page (string)
separator: separates title from url default value is a single space (string)
PinterestShareButton media: An absolute link to the image that will be pinned (string) description: Description for the shared media.
VKShareButton - title: Title of the shared page (string)
description: Description of the shared page (string)
image: An absolute link to the image that will be shared (string)

Share counts

const {
= ShareCounts;

All share count components take in only one mandatory prop: url, which is the URL you are sharing. className prop is optional.


<FacebookShareCount url={shareUrl} />

If you want to render anything else but the count, you can provide a function as a child element that takes in shareCount as an argument and returns an element:

<FacebookShareCount url={shareUrl}>
  {shareCount => (
    <span className="myShareCountWrapper">{shareCount}</span>


const FacebookIcon = generateShareIcon('facebook');
const TwitterIcon = generateShareIcon('twitter');
const TelegramIcon = generateShareIcon('telegram');
const WhatsappIcon = generateShareIcon('whatsapp');
const GooglePlusIcon = generateShareIcon('google');
const LinkedinIcon = generateShareIcon('linkedin');
const PinterestIcon = generateShareIcon('pinterest');
const VKIcon = generateShareIcon('vk');


  • size: Icon size in pixels (number)

  • round: Whether to show round or rect icons (bool)

  • iconBgStyle: customize background style, e.g. fill (object)

  • logoFillColor: customize logo's fill color (string, default = 'white')


<TwitterIcon size={32} round={true} />




Icon paths provided by: react-social-icons.


npm i @thg303/react-share

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