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THEOplayer React-Native Agama Connector

An Agama analytics connector for @theoplayer/react-native. Currently only the Android/Android TV platforms is supported.



The @theoplayer/react-native package has peer dependencies on these packages, which have to be installed as well:

  • react-native-device-info to obtain extra device information;
  • @react-native-async-storage/async-storage to persistently store a unique deviceId across sessions;
  • @react-native-community/netinfo to obtain information on network connection and quality.
npm install \
  react-native-device-info \
  @react-native-async-storage/async-storage \
  @react-native-community/netinfo \

Agama library

The Agama libraries need to be provided by the hosting app. Put the libraries next to the source and load them at the start of the app, along with the necessary polyfills:

import { AgamaPolyfills } from "@theoplayer/react-native-analytics-agama";



Configuring the connector

Create the connector by providing the THEOplayer instance and a configuration object. A useAgama React hook is provided for convenience. It takes care of initialization and clean-up of the connector. It is also possible to create the connector explicitly by creating an instance of AgamaConnector, in which case the destroy() method must be called when destroying either the connector or the player.

import { useAgama } from '@theoplayer/react-native-analytics-agama';

const config = {
  config: 'emp_service=;report_interval=60;id_report_interval=240;operator_id=fooSoo',
  logLevel: 'debug',
  application: 'React-Native THEOplayer',
  applicationVersion: '1.0.0'

const App = () => {
  const [agama, initAgama] = useAgama(config);

  const onPlayerReady = (player: THEOplayer) => {
    // Initialize Agama connector

  return (<THEOplayerView config={playerConfig} onPlayerReady={onPlayerReady}/>);

Source description

Source-related analytics properties can be passed in the source description as follows:

player.source = {
  "sources": {
    "src": "https://cdn.theoplayer.com/video/adultswim/clip.m3u8",
    "type": "application/x-mpegurl"
  "analytics": [{
    "integration": "agama",
    "asset": "The Venture Bros",
    "cdn": "theoplayer",
    "serviceName": "svod",
    "contentTitle": "The Venture Bros",
    "streamType": "vod",
    "contentType": "movie",
    "contentDescription": "Agama demo movie"

As it is possible to configure more than one analytics integration, it is important to include the integration: 'agama' property to let the connector known which object to use.

Example application

The example application demonstrates the use of the Agama connector.

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