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    A syntax highlighting component based on prism-react-renderer that works seamlessly with Theme UI.


    npm i @theme-ui/prism


    The syntax highlighting component needs to be passed to Theme UI context via the ThemeProvider.

    // src/components/layout.js
    import { ThemeProvider } from 'theme-ui'
    import Prism from '@theme-ui/prism'
    import theme from './theme'
    const components = {
      pre: ({ children }) => <>{children}</>,
      code: Prism,
    export default ({ children }) => (
      <ThemeProvider theme={theme} components={components}>

    Then, all code blocks in MDX documents wrapped by Layout will be syntax highlighted.

    Gatsby Plugin

    When using gatsby-plugin-theme-ui, shadow the src/gatsby-plugin-theme-ui/components.js module to add the Prism component to MDX scope.

    // src/gatsby-plugin-theme-ui/components.js
    import Prism from '@theme-ui/prism'
    export default {
      pre: (props) => props.children,
      code: Prism,

    Syntax Themes

    This package includes the default syntax color themes from the prismjs and prism-react-renderer packages. To add these to your Theme UI theme object, import a preset and add the styles to theme.styles.code.

    // theme.js
    import nightOwl from '@theme-ui/prism/presets/night-owl.json'
    export default {
      // ...theme
      styles: {
        code: {

    The following themes are available and can be found in the presets/ directory.

    • dracula.json
    • duotone-dark.json
    • duotone-light.json
    • github.json
    • night-owl-light.json
    • night-owl.json
    • oceanic-next.json
    • prism-coy.json
    • prism-dark.json
    • prism-funky.json
    • prism-okaidia.json
    • prism-solarizedlight.json
    • prism-tomorrow.json
    • prism-twilight.json
    • prism.json
    • shades-of-purple.json
    • ultramin.json
    • vs-dark.json

    Theme UI Colors

    To theme the prism styles based on the colors defined in your theme.colors object, use the theme-ui preset, which will use the following color keys for syntax highlight.

    • gray
    • primary
    • secondary
    • accent
    // src/gatsby-plugin-theme-ui/index.js
    import prism from '@theme-ui/prism/presets/theme-ui'
    export default {
      colors: {
        text: '#000',
        background: '#fff',
        primary: '#33e',
        secondary: '#119',
        accent: '#639',
        gray: '#666',
      styles: {
        code: {

    Highlight support

    This package supports highlighting inside code blocks. The following two syntaxes are supported:

    Single-line highlight by placing // highlight-line at the end of the line.

    let singleLineHighlight = 'there is a // highlight-line comment here ->' // highlight-line

    Multi-line highlights by wrapping lines with // highlight-start and // highlight-end. Multiple highlight wrappers are supported in a single code block.

    // highlight-start
    let multiLineHighlight = `
      this multiline string is wrapped by 
      // highlight-start and // highlight-end 
    // highlight-end

    The highlight styling is controlled in styles.pre under .highlight. For example:

    ".highlight": {
      "background": "hsla(0, 0%, 30%, .5)"

    Additional Languages

    Please note that @theme-ui/prism uses prism-react-renderer, which does not include all languages supported in Prism by default. So, if you happen to use one of the missing languages, your code block simply won't show up as highlighted.

    For example, to add support for the R language, import the language and pass a custom Prism instance to the Theme UI component:

    // src/gatsby-plugin-theme-ui/components.js
    import ThemeUIPrism from '@theme-ui/prism'
    import PrismCore from 'prismjs/components/prism-core'
    import 'prismjs/components/prism-r'
    export default {
      pre: (props) => props.children,
      code: (props) => <ThemeUIPrism {...props} Prism={PrismCore} />,

    See the Theme UI docs for more.


    npm i @theme-ui/prism

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